Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memphis Bike Weeks! :)

Hey family!
So we were on bike week this week. We had to take the car in to get it fixed because someone hit the car when it was parked (this was before I got here). So we were on bikes and will be on bikes again next week. Gotta love bike weeks. I am getting some pretty great tanlines though. I dont have hardly any time at all today because we are going to play volleyball with the zuccheros in like 20 min.
This week I took a day trip to MISSISSIPPI!!!!! It was super great. I went on exchanges with sis. johnson and loved it! we had dinner with the Tudon family who are awesome and almost set a date with one of their investigators. in the morning for workout we played volleyball. Their aparment complex has a sand volleyball place and 4 sets of missionaries live there so that was fun. We also had some great time singing and playing the uke with the ASL sister that live with the south sisters.
Ruth got confirmed yesterday so that was lovely. We also spent the hours of sunday school and relief society in the primary because there were no teachers. Man that was hard to keep them entertained and quiet. we did lots of singing though and it was super fun :)
Besides lots of biking in the hot Memphis weather, the week was good :) Love you all!
Hermana Goudie

This is Ruths puppy that they just got. He reminds me SO much of Rascal. He is so
stinkin cute. His name is Roy. Lain (her son) is a little bit rough with him.

Volleyball in Mississippi. :)

Every 3rd fast Sunday or so we have a break the fast with the branch. Viri (the one braiding)
loves to brain my hair. I love it too. :)

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  1. Love and miss that smile! So happy that YOU are so happy, my dear Hermana! Hugs!