Monday, April 28, 2014

Tornado Season...

Family! How are you? I am safe. And survived the first tornado. I am so sad to hear about the damage and lives that were lost. Hopefully we wont have too many tornadoes this year...

So this week was good. We got a referral this week from Jacksonville elders of this guy that they were teaching that is moving to North Little Rock to try and find work at a restaurant. He didnt have a phone or a car but he told us that he was going to be at this restaurant tomorrow and he would wait for us there. Usually investigators say things but dont really mean them but we decided to follow through and we went and sure enough he was there at the restaurant. He was awesome. His name is Jorge. We read 3 nephi 11 with him and he was SO ecstatic that the book of Mormon shows that Jesus Christ came to the Americas. He got out from his suitcases 5 books and said he has written all of them from the evidence and research he has done that Jesus Christ came to the Americas. He knew a lot about Joseph Smith and he is so ready. We asked him to be baptized and he said of course! He wants to be baptized on the 24th of June though because it is the day of John the Baptist. We asked him to be baptized on the 3rd of May. So that it could be HIS day. But he said he would pray about it. The next day we get a call from the Jacksonville elders saying he didnt like that restaurant so he moved back to jacksonville and the next day he would be heading to Jonesboro to try to find work there. We got ahold of the member that was driving him there and he wanted the spanish missionaries info in jonesboro so we gave it to him. We called jonesboro and they said they were going to meet him at a restuarant like we did. This man will get baptized. He went to church in Jonesboro too. Ah I wish I could teach this guy but being able to teach him just the once was lovely. 

Speaking of lovely the weather here this week was lovely. We had correlation meeting outside this week, weekly planning outside, soccer games outside. Outside is just lovely. And do yall want to hear some great news?????? I FOUND ELDER LUDWIGS BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were contacting a referral who we met at Loves Fish Market a long time ago and his house was vacant... no one lived there. Gotta love missionary work :) But then we tried the house next door to see if it was spanish but got distracted by the cute little chihuahuas on the porch. Out of the corner of my eye I see two kids riding bikes and ever since they lost their bikes I have been on the lookout. One of the bikes was way too big for this girl and I knew Elder Ludwigs bike was HUGE! I told sis. Peterson I think those are the Elders bikes. So we run up the hill into the car (pretty sure sis. Peterson thought I was crazy) and back up super fast and follow them! As we got close I realized that the big huge bike had the same home made bag that Elder Ludwig had made to put copies of the Book of Mormon in. So we pulled up next to them and Sis. Peterson asked where she got that bike. She said that it wasnt hers and that her friend found it. We then told her that it was our friends bike and she said she would take us to where the friends house was. so we followed her. A 13 year old boy comes out and said that he found the bike in a ditch and told us we can take it back. So we just hooked it up to our car and drove away with it. We called the North Elders and E. Ludwig was so excited! They met us down the street and called cops and what not. Still on the look out for E. Ramirez bike. 

We had a really good week with members coming out with us. We went out with an English convert member who knows spanish. We also went out with recent convert Dora, who is a bit crazy. But we met this guy whose ex-wife is a member and 2 kids are members. We talked to him and at first said that he studies the bible and that thats all he needs. We told him that the Book of Mormon testifies of the Bible and gave him the chapter to read. Dora bore her testimony of why she got baptized and the Book of Mormon. It was good.

It was Alfredos BDAY ON SATURDAY!!!!!! He is so stinkin cute. He told us that is his first bday party ever in his life and he is so grateful for all of us and some of the most memorable memories in his life has been since he has been here. I love that man. I cant wait until he has to the opportunity to go back to Mexico with his family and baptize his wife and kids. 

We had Estebans baptism yesterday! Emily also got baptized. She is 8. She is a daughter of a less active member. It was a beautiful program. They asked us to sing come thou fount with the uke. So we did. Esteban is so stinkin cute. He is 64 and just got baptized. love it. 

So... last night we were at Ben and Toms house for dinner. We got a text from E. Ramirez that said to get in and stay in because there were tornado warnings. Dinner had just gotten finished and the lights flickered a bit and then the sirens went off. I freaked out but he told us that there wasnt any wind or rain so not to worry. He showed us where their basement is and then we turned the TV on for the news and saw that the tornado was really close to us but heading north. So we sat down and ate dinner. He gave us a key so that if there is another tornado close we can go in to their basement to stay safe. So kind of them :) But keep those affected by the tornado in your prayers. I have heard there is a lot of damage and some members up there passed away. 

Well thats about it for the week. One more week of the transfer. We find out next Monday if we are getting transferred. I have a feeling I am going to leave. I really dont want to :( Also next week we are going to the temple so I wont be emailing until later. But I love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Goudie

Went to Scholtzkys this week with Sis. Warner and Durfee

This is a family we found this week. After the lesson she goes in her room and comes
back out with a Utah shirt on. Crazy huh? She didn't even know we were from Utah
and said she just got the shirt from her friend.

Spanish North Missionaries.

I love Sis. Peterson

Random close up that E. Ludwig decided to take.

It was alfredoes Bday! We had a little fiesta!

The Beautiful Castle on Stagecoach.

Last pday we went on a hike in Boyle Park and it was raining. So we were a bit wet.

The pond at the park.

We are a bit crazy.

SIster Wilkins and I with some beautiful flowers. Saying bye to her :(
She is head to Conway.

LAke COnway. We were out with Sis. Foster and got lost (her GPS died) next
thing we knew we were in Conway! Oops... we thought we might as well take a pic.

Sis. Peterson and I with Lake Conway in the background.

We didn't get in... although we wanted to!

Sis. Foster and I. SHe is so awesome. I am going to miss her
when I have to leave. :)

For all the short people out there! This college is for YOU!!!

Just a bridge in downtown NLR


Looking out at the railroad!

Coca Cola! Downtown NLR

Happy Easter! Decorations from a package from my lovely mom. Sorry these
pics are from last week but I forgot my memory card.

Sis. Franklin and Sis. Foster. LOVE them! This was on Easter. Hence the Confetti.

Mi companera!

Singing Come Thou Fount in spanish with the uke!

At the capitol!

Classic jumping pic.

Hold to the Rod award - for memorizing a scripture for each lesson point. E Ramierez got
it too and E. Ludwig got the Liahona which is doing every activity in PMG. They didn't
have our Hold to the Rods yet so we used crayons to pretend.

I FOUND ELDER LUDWIGS BIKE!!! Some girl was riding it down the street
and we chased them down!

Weekly planning takes forever and we are pretty white. So we moved the table outside
and planned while we tanned. :)

The foster kids at their soccer game!

Kahler. So Stinkin Cute.


Monday, April 21, 2014


Best news about the week: WE HAVE FULL CAR!!!!!!!!!! at least until the end of the transfer. It was $1300 in the making. Thanks to the Elders. Their bikes got stolen this week (they didnt lock them up because they were only going to be in the house for a few minutes and they were right in the front yard). I felt terrible and we pulled up right after it happened and tried to hunt them down but we couldnt find them anywhere. We talked to lots of people though and gave them a card with our number so that they can call if they find it #missionary work.

This week we went on exchanges with Sis. Training Leaders (sis. miller) to their area (english). It was good :) I always learn a lot from her. We also saw the frog that lives in their backyard in the empty pool. We played volleyball too and their was a guy there that reminded me so much of dad. He was SO into the game and was on the ground more than his feet. 

Went out with sis. foster this week. Went out to North Little Rock and saw Alina. Always a great time when we go out with Sis. Foster :) She took us to Guadalajara Taqueria and it was delicious. My first torta :) We got a little lost on the way back. We ended up in Conway and took some pics of the lake. Her gps wasnt working. Dora also went out with us and we passed out invitations to our two activities this last weekend. 

On Friday we had a church tour and we watched The Testaments at the church. It was good :) But we didnt have any investigators come though :( Next time for sure we will try even harder to get them to come. Two members came up after the movie and told me that I look like the girl from the movie (definitely a compliment to me) and that another missionary here looks like the guy. It was weird watching that in Spanish and even weirder watching a movie period. I forgot that people actually do that. Watch movies. Missionary life. Love it! 

Saturday night we wen to lunch with Sis. Hernandez and then got a snow cone at the snow cone shack that she works at. We talked to some pretty cool Hispanics there of course! Afterwards we went and found some houses with Christmas lights and mops (hispanics) and met them and prayed with them. Found some pretty cool peeps. 

We were invited to Luis nieces quincenera Saturday night. Stephanie is her name and she looked beautiful. We couldnt stay for the program though. We got some yummy food though and saw a lot of people that we have been teaching there. I had never been to a quincenera and its crazy! It is like a wedding reception. Super crazy fancy decorations. Afterwards we went to play soccer with the branch and investigators and there were TONS of people that showed up. It was awesome :) 

Yesterday was EASTER!!!!! Us spanish sisters and sis. Franklin sang for sacrament. Sis. Franklin is awesome and found come thou fount of every blessing in spanish. We practiced it with the Uke but we had a Suzuki piano teacher come and play for us for sacrament. We had dinner at the franklins (delicious fried chicken) with the fosters too last night and we had an easter egg hunt with the kids. 

I hope yall had a great Easter. I definitely missed you all so much. Holidays are hard. Just seeing all these families together makes me miss my own wonderful lovely family. But its all good :) I get to talk to you soon for Mothers day.
I know I need to be here at this time in my life and I am learning so much and loving sharing the restored gospel to the people here. I will be so sad when I have to leave this area. I have made so many friendships. But I know I will learn to love any area I go to. I am just so grateful for all the members here and their help and support with this work. 

Also, I just want to share my testimony that I know Christ lives. I know that he died for each and every one of us and that he lives today. He knows us better than anyone and we need to rely on Him and use his Atonement to be able to return back to him one day and live with our families for eternity. I love this gospel. It brings me so much joy :) 

Hermana Goudie

Look at this cure car!


At the snow shack! :)

The cutest little girl at the quincenera.

Me and the coolest comp. at the quincenera.

Stephanie. The reason for the party!

A salt shaker!

Alfredo playing the uke.

After church on Easter.

The Lovely Carrot Cupcakes that sis. Franklin made!


Our grass is growing - Sis. Petersons mom sent us some grass kits.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So this week was good. We had a car. The temperature is lovely. We found lots of new cool investigators, and the flowers are all coming out :) Last P-day we went to the park and did something CRAZY!!!!! I will send pics. It was so fun. Also, I love ukeleles. Just throwing that out there. We went to BJ's Monday night for a farewell to sis. richardson. Sister Richardson and Sister Ross left back to Nauvoo this week. President picked them up from our apartment at 5:30 in the morning last Tuesday so they all had a sleepover at our apartment. There were 6 sisters! It was fun :) So now sis. Christianson and Wilkins are companions and they can either stay at our apartment or theirs. This week they have only slept at ours once. 

I went on exchanges with Sis. Johnson this week. It was really good :) It was nice to go on exchanges that are in spanish so that we can help eachother teach. When we go with sis. training leaders they dont know any spanish so its all up to just the one person that stays in the area to teach all day. But this exchange was good. I learned a lot from sis. Johnson. she is an awesome missionary. She really loves the people and it shows. We were able to visit Esteban who has a baptismal date for the 26th. He is here visiting his daughter who is a member. We also learned on our exchange that if you knock while saying "Hola!" they are more likely to answer. We were at a door contacting someone and they werent answering but we knew someone was home (this happens a lot) the thought has always come into my head to say hola as you are knocking so that they know you speak spanish and think maybe you are their friends or something but I have never done it. I asked sis. Johnson if she has ever tried it and she said no but then decided to try it and afterwards the lady answered! It was hilarious. On the exchange we stopped by the Arroyos (members) after getting yelled at by some guy across the street and us telling us that one day we are going to look back and realize we were wrong and regret all of this. But he doesnt even know what he is talking about ;) We just bore our testimonies, shared some scriptures when him and stayed strong :) at the arroyos she was cooking food for the Elders who were on their way over... so we were going to leave but then she started making us something quick to eat too. she made esquite. It was delicious. Its like a corn soup with cream in it and chili sauce with lime. YUMMY! 

Wednesday we had permission to go and visit NUNS!!!! So Ben and Tom who helped everyone get unstuck from our hill at the ice storm (who has also fed us a couple times) are tight with the nuns. They do the maintenance at their house (these nuns cannot leave. They live here all their life) and he called them up (because sis. richardson said she wanted to meet them) and they agreed to let us come. it was awesome. It was like sound of music :) not really. But they are not allowed to come out so we have to talk to them through like wooden bars. We ended up talking for about over an hour about their beliefs and our beliefs and they gave us a book about a carmelite nun (thats what they are) which talks about prayer. These nuns do nothing but pray all day every day. That is their main purpose. I bet their prayers are so meaningful. They told us they had a book of mormon in their library of books and said that they would read it! Cool huh? They were so cute! They ranged in age from about 20ish to 80ish. They were really interested in what we were sharing. They will get baptized. Someday. 

Luis birthday was this week! We bought the ingredients and Elder Ludwig made a delicious cake for him. We went over and sang to him and he fed us pupusas and showed us the punta and cumbia dance. And guess what? Luis bought a piano! It is super old and reminds me of our piano at home. I played it a bit. It is so beautiful! He bought it but no one there plays piano so he told me that since I am a 'professional' I have to come over and play it to make sure it sounds alright. 

We went to Maria Angeles house to do service for her. We cleaned and then she taught us how to make enchiladas. After eating we had a really good lesson on the plan of salvation and why it is so important to get baptized so that she can go to the temple to make more covenants so that she can live with her family forever. She talked to us more about her son that passed away. She is such an amazing woman and mother. But a bit frustrating at times too because she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet but she doesnt want to change religions because her whole family is Catholic. Although she understands why she needs to be baptized. Ugh... people. I just love her and her family so much and I want the best for her. She has gone through so much and I know this will bless her life like nothing else. Anways... after the discussion she taught us how to Zumba. 

On Saturday we went to the Bowens for a missionary Easter dinner and egg finding. It was so fun :) There were all the missionaries in the area and Elder Dalton and Reay from Conway came with their investigator who got baptized yesterday. It was so good to see them :) Dinner was delicious as always and the egg hunt was fun too :) (although me and sis. peterson hid them so we knew where they all were). After that we put together a soccer night to bring investigators to. It went really well! There were lots of people that showed up. 

Other than that its been pretty chill here in Little Rock. I love it here. I never want to leave. We had dinner with sis. lopez and randi last night and then went and visited Esteban who hopefully is getting baptized the 26th. Nery Polanco came to church :) We went and visited them a couple weeks ago and he promised us he was going to come this week and he totally showed up with his family! It was so good to see him there! I am getting a lovely tanline on my feet from my shoes too. LOVE it! I have been working towards getting the Hold to the Rod so I have been memorizing about 2 scriptures a day. It really has helped in my teaching too. I have been able to use them every day. 

Funny story! Haha last night the Elders had to be high maintenance after we were already in our apartment and made us go down to the car to get the mile info and it had been raining a lot. I went down in flip flops (which are super bendy) and the edge of the stairs have a metal piece so that they dont chip which is super slippery. Well... I fell. All the way down the cement stairs. Right into my companion at the bottom. It was hilarious. I am fine :) Just a few bruises. 

Little note from our friendly radio that warns us of tornadoes and thunderstorms and flash floods apparently: "turn around, dont drown!" 

Hermana Goudie

Just chillin' in the hammock

In front of the nuns place.

A pic with Tom! Who took us to see the nuns. 

Beautiful flowers! :)

The yummy enchiladas Maria taught us how to make.

The soccer crew.

SO SCARY!! We had to use out homemade hammocks sometime. Didn't think
we would end up using them like this though... ;)

Saying bye to Elder Johnson :(

Sleepover in the front room (don't worry we weren't going against the white
hand book. We all had our own beds still ;) )


Familia Arroyos :) (They got sealed in the temple a couple weeks ago)

The lovely flowers. :)

Went on a short little bike ride the other day to Juniors to save miles.

Caterpillar webs! HUGE!!

Maria braided my hair beautifully before helping her clean.  Her grandaughter
kepts putting my name tag on herself. It was cute. :)

Hiding Easter Eggs!

Found a pile of wood that had a TON of lizards in it. We tried to catch them but I don't
have dads lizard catching skills. They were blue bellies and we saw one that looked super slimy.

Such a good time with Bowens and Little Rock Spanish missionaries and Conway
missionaries and Ricki (who got baptized yesterday).

Such a cute little puppy!

Esteban! He is getting baptized on the 26th!

He can't read well so south Sisters ordered a HUGE book of mormon
for him. You can see it in the picture above too.