Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Que Pasa!?

Buanas tardes mi familia! como estan? estoy muy bien :) so we had transfers this week. I stayed as you all know but I had to say bye to sister mitchell :( It was really sad. She has been there with me since day 1 in the airport and I really felt like she was my sister in real life. She reminded me a lot of savanna. I loved her so much and was so sad to say bye. We stopped by their apartment the other day to write in each others journals and I must admit I cried saying bye to her. It was like saying bye to a best friend. She is missed but we are going to die together so I know I will see her again in at least a year. Probably sooner. And one day I hope we will be companions! :) 

Along with transfers we got some really cool missionaries in the district. 3 native speakers too! Love them :) Elder Dyorich left though :( but now we have Elder Ramirez as the DL (E. Ludwigs comp) and Elder Castaneda with Elder Gonzales. I feel like I am going to be able to learn a lot more spanish this transfer with these 3 natives ;) I am excited! We also got sis. stevens serving with sis. johnson.

we were in north little rock the day of transfers so we went out to lunch with most of the spanish missionaries that were at transfers. I have pics. we went to Larry's pizza. It was really fun to see them all and speak spanish with them! I love the spanish missionaries :) the other ones are cool too I guess ;) 

we found this really cool hispanic trailer park this week but its in sherwood... which is kinda far. I wish we had more miles because there are lots of hispanics but they are far away... but we found a lot of new people this week :) 

we did lots of service this week at sister franklins house (the one that just had a baby). We antiqued her babies crib and we also tiled her bathroom that they are remodeling. they fed us both times and the elders came one day too. her house is so stinking cute I want a house like hers one day. It kinda reminds me of great grandpas. 

We have been teaching Junior and Maria a bit this week and they are SO cool! Maria has been taught before by Elders awhile back and she knows everything. We mentioned Joseph Smith to her the other day and she pretty much told us everything that we usually teach about him. It was awesome! She said that she knew that he found the book of mormon and saw God and Jesus Christ and she knows that the Book of Mormon is true and wants Junior to know. She said that she wants Junior to read it and come to church because he is having a really tough time with bad friends and drugs and such. Anyways, Junior came to church with us! He seriously is such a good kid when he is around us. He said he loved church and wants to keep coming with us. I hope he does. His mom told us the story of her older son who drowned when he was 14 in a lake in conway the other day. It was so sad me and sis. Peterson both started crying. she found  him herself in the lake and she got so scared that she started panicking and drowning herself. This family is so awesome and I know that the Gospel can bless their lives so much. I want them to be baptized so bad and we are going to everything in our power so that they can make that first covenant with God so that they can live with their family for eternity and their older son as well. I love them! 

the womens conference was so good this last weekend :) we listened to it while we were helping sis. frankilin. I am so excited for conference this week! it is going to be so awesome. I went on exchanges with the ASL sisters for a few hours last night while my comp. stayed home with sis. christianson because she is really sick. It was awesome! We found some really cool people to share the gospel with :) 

This morning we got up real early and went and hiked pinnacle mountain with everyone. I have pics for you all dont worry ;) afterwards we went to a arkansas hog cafe that was really good. I am having a lot of fun and am doing great! I pray for all of you and hope that you keep reading your scriptures and going to church! Dont have too much fun without me ;)

Hermanita Goudita

A Cute Little Puppy!

Just studying.

My companion thinks it's funny that I wear a robe... (Sorry for the sideways pic)

On the phone! Siempre! :)

The members from Russelville that took us out to lunch.

Last week when I was sick. ;)

Saying Goodbye to Elder Robles

Saying bye to Sis. Mitchell

Lunch again. Her Cameria is just better at taking pics.

Elder Ramierez Planner

Service at Sis. Frankilins.


Hiking Otra Vez

Us Roommates

Having fun!

Being Silly 

For any of your Murray Peeps: Look! It's Elder Reed!!

Lunch with the Spanish Crew!

New Elders in the district. Elder Ramirez is my new DL. Both Native speakers.

The hiking crew this morning!

Just some weird glasses I found at the church

THe place we went to eat today.

Biking! We are on bikes again this week.
Antiquing the crib.

Service for Sis. Franklin. Cutting with a saw!

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