Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Earl Got Baptized!!!

Hey familia!

Well this week was pretty great :) Some highlights were:

1. zone conference in Little Rock. Got to see all the missionaries from this side of the mission again! 
2. we had 9 appointments set for one day (highest either of us have had in our missions)
3. set another baptismal date for Michelle who is super awesome but is going into surgery this week :(
4. set a date with Henry and Jasmine to be married (never knew I would be a wedding planner while out on my mission)
5. had a bbq with some delicious food (especially bro. eastmans yummy ribs which he snuck one to me while I was waiting in line because he told me they were going to be gone by the time I got up there) with the english ward and a birthday party with the spanish branch the same night. lots of people came to both! 
6. woke up to maggots all over our kitchen floor this morning and spent an hour sweeping them all up and then 2 minutes later the floor would be covered again and we would have more to sweep up. We have no idea where they are coming from but it is disgusting! there are so many bugs in arkansas.
7. but the best of all........ EARL GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!! So that is pretty dang exciting :) Earl is the cutest man ever. He really does remind me so much of great grandpa. It was a bit stressful though. He gave up smoking about a week and a half before his baptism but when he left the hospital last week his nurse who drove him home gave him a cigarette.... so that was lame. but we had him sign a contract in his book of mormon to never smoke again and told him to pray for strength to quit and he totally has! The power of the Atonement is real and something I have learned is that when you truly repent you no longer have that desire to sin. Earl feels that way and its so cool to see :) However his daughters husband is a less active member and he said that him and his family wouldnt be to the baptism unless he quits smoking for 30 days. We wanted them to be there but we left it up to Earl. We told him to pray about it. Well the day before his interview to be baptized we called him on the phone and asked how he was and he said, "I am tired girls. I stayed up all night praying about what to do. Because I know this is a serious commitment and I want to do the right thing here. I decided I want to go ahead and be baptized this Saturday even if my family wont be there." It was super cool just to see how God can guide us and give us the strength to do hard things. We met his daughter at his house the day before as we were helping get his stuff ready to go and she was very supportive of him being baptized but told us she wouldnt be there :( but the ward really took Earl in and made him feel like family at his baptism. We thought we had everything all ready to go for the baptism but of course at the last second something always goes wrong for baptisms... We put the Elders in charge of filling the water and we show up about 30 minutes before the baptism is supposed to start and the Elders said that the water temperature is at 130 degrees!!!!!!!!!! Lovely. They put completely hot water on and no cold... oh silly Elders ;) It was steaming. They were having a baptism at the same time as well so thats why we put them in charge of filling the font and we did the program. So we had bishop and a member run and get bags of ice and we dumped them in to try and cool it down. it was hilarious and thank heavens that cooled it down a little bit. It was still pretty hot though when they got in. Its alright though. It probably just felt like a hot tub :) and then a couple hours before the baptism the Plumbs called and told us they werent going to make it back in time from the temple for the baptism. They were stuck in dead traffic for over 2 hours :( Bro. Plumb was going to baptize Earl and sis. Plumb was going to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. We were so sad they werent going to be able to make it because they are the ones that introduced us to Earl and went to almost every lesson with us. But they told us to go ahead and go on without them for the baptism. So with a few adjustments in the program, everything turned out fine. Betty went first, and then they had Elder Petty and Bro. Smith baptize Earl because his body is a little bit old a fragile ;) He only had to get dunked twice though and he was so happy afterwards! And then on Sunday Bro. Plumb was able to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost :) Earl told us, "You know what girls, I am just going to have to adopt you as my grandaughters." When we were half an our late to a lesson with him he called and left us a voice mail, "Hello, this is officer Dyer. I am just wanting to report 2 missing girls." He is stinkin cute. I told him I will be back in a year when he goes through the temple! 

Well sorry that was a bit lengthy. But the gospel is true. It changes lives and makes us be able to have happiness that lasts rather than instant satisfaction that the world gives. Love you all! 

Hermana Goudie

In his "bunny suit" is what he called it. Isn't he cute!?

He made us take one like this because he didn't like the "bunny suit"

And this is Betty. She got baptized the same time as Earl. She is a sweetheart!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crazy Things Happen!

Hello everyone! So like usual there were some very crazy things that happened this week. 

First off, we went on exchanges with the spanish sister training leaders this week. They went will and I was back with Sis. Smith for the day! The exchanges were cut short though because we had to go help with the funeral. There was a member of the ward who passed away last week (I think I mentioned it in my last email) and his funeral was on Tuesday morning. It went really well. It was just sad to see the wife and 3 little boys but I know that they will see them again because they were sealed together as a family in the temple. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation that we have that opportunity to live together for ever as families. After the funeral we helped serve the food and then cleaned up afterwards. They decorated it all cute with Spider Man everywhere because the 3 little boys and the dad loved spiderman. 

We started doing morning workouts with a member in the ward. It helps us both get up and going. Its been fun. We have done like kickboxing and dancing kinda like zumba. There was also a reception this week that was beautiful might I just add ;) It was in a barn up on the bluff. Met a nice non member there as well that we were able to share a little bit about the gospel with her. Always looking for missionary opportunities ;)

We taught a lot this week and really saw the blessings that came from working our hardest when we had 5 investigators to church! It was so exciting! I think that is the most both my companion and I have had at church before. We also have been focusing on Earl a lot this week who is planning on getting baptized on Saturday :) The Elders will also be having a baptism that day as well so it will be a double baptism! We taught Earl the Word of Wisdom and he is doing awesome! We threw away all his cigarettes and coffee and has been staying strong ever since. Earl is so stinking cute! 

Yesterday at church there was a member that passed out because of low cholesterol or something like that during gospel principles. So we had to call the ambulance and they had to take her out on a stretcher. We went and visited her last night though at the hospital and she is doing well. 

Speaking of the hospital, we got a text this morning from the plumbs saying that Earl went into the E.R last night because he was having a hard time breathing :( So we are going to go over tonight with the Elders and have them give him a blessing. We will be praying real hard so he will get out soon so that he can still be baptized this weekend because he is so ready to be baptized! He really is one of the most prepared people I have met to accept the gospel. He has such a silly personality. He reminds me of great grandpa a lot! I love him! 

Well thats all the crazy things that happened this week. Hope yall are having a good time and staying safe! Love you!

Hermana Goudie

Gotta love the good old church signs in the South! They are hilarious. Every street
has one I swear. One said, "You may not know me, but I know you. - God"

Just catching some frogs!

At the reception with some beautiful southern belles! ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Members Work Miracles!

This week my testimony of member missionary work was skrenthened (as they say in in the South). I met the Plumb family this week. They are crazy! They share the gospel with everyone they come in contact with. They are not afraid to open their mouth and share what they believe. We were on bikes this week so they picked us up and drove us around town and gave us a ton of referrals and kept saying "these are your next investigators. They need the gospel and are ready for it." after we visited a few of them they just kept saying who else do we know that we need to go share the gospel with? It wasnt hard what they did either. They would just say,"what do you know about the mormons?" or "We have a way that you can quit smoking" or "These sisters have a message to share with you" and they were all willing to listen and interested. It makes such a difference when the members find the investigators and come to lessons with you of people that they know. They carry around cards and pass them out or just ask them if they have a church that they go to and invite them to come to ours. Something else that they do is invite them to come over to their home and have dinner with them and the missionaries. I love them! They make missionary work much more effective. 

We met this one man named Earl this week and the Plumbs introduced us. We were able to have a wonderful lesson with him and he totally understood the restoration and Joseph Smith. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and came to church! He is about 60 years old. We set a date with him to be baptized on the 23rd and he is excited and preparing! :) 

She also introduced us to this part member couple that are in Utah now. We taught her the week before she left with the Plumbs and she said she will be baptized and find the missionaries in Utah. She was so ready for the gospel as well as Earl. I know that these experiences we had were because the members were finding. God puts so many prepared people in their path because he knows that they will do the work. They made me want to be more bold and always look for ways to share the gospel after my mission. I cant remember who said it but "every member a missionary" and that is so true! 

We did lots of service this week. We helped a less active member set up for a yard sale. On highway 64 there is a like 150 mile yard sale. Its crazy! We also helped Melinda move into her new apartment. It is very nice :) There were some crazy storms this week but thanks to the members we werent on our bikes through any of them. We set 3 dates in one day which was better than we have done before. We had 4 people come to church and I was so excited about that! It was a bit stressful though because we had English investigators and Spanish. So we had 2 places to be at all times. We just kept switching back and forth. Sis. Millet and I sang in the English ward and then spoke in the Spanish branch. And we had a member of the ward pass away this week. So the ward has been a bit down this week. He had 3 little boys :( The funeral is on Wednesday so that will be a sad day for everyone. But I love having the knowledge that comes from this gospel that families can be together forever and I know that this family will live together again eternally because they were sealed in the temple. I am so grateful for temples and for the opportunity to serve a mission and help others recognize the blessings that come from temples. 

Love y'all!
Hermana Goudota ;)

Petit Jean with my comp. and Denys!

Hiked up on top behind the waterfall!

The gang at Petit Jean!

Look at that lovely street sign!

My companion and I holding this cute little kitty!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Went Zebra!

So... transfers. Crazy! 

I was pretty sure sister mitchell was going to come here with me but right after transfer meeting AP Udall came up to me and said do you know who your companion is? And I said yeah arent I waiting for sis. mitchell to come over from the other side? he said, well yes you are waiting but it is for sis. millet. she didnt know she was getting transferred. I guess the APs couldnt get ahold of them. So I called her and she said she was just starting to pack and would get to the mission office in about 4 hours and she also told me she knows no spanish whatsoever. So that was definitely a shock. I went zebra! (when one comp. is spanish and one is english). She is very nice! She goes home in December and has taught me a lot. Spanish lessons are definitely different though because I am the only one talking... which is hard. Because I dont have someone to back up what I am saying or pick up where I stop. It is definitely a change and will be a good challenge. She is picking up really fast though and is very willing to learn :) 

So in the meantime while we waited I called the Little Rock North Spanish sisters (my old area) and told them that I have to wait for a few hours while my companion gets there and so they came and picked me up and then we went out to eat with the other spanish missionaries. And it was E. Hernandez bday! We did some work in my old area which was fun. And then I was able to see sis. foster and her kids again! They are growing up so fast! She dropped off a little present for me that they got from the pulga. It was the cutest dress and I have already worn it and it fits perfectly. I love it :) It was fun to catch up and see how the branch is doing and what has changed. 

But going back to the few days before transfers. The Barreras had us all over for a family home evening with a game and treats afterwards, we got fed a lot and had lots of goodbyes for sis. warner (everyone was so sad she was leaving), and took lots of pics. We had a few investigators that cried saying bye to her. She was loved by everyone! it was sad sending her off. I am going to miss her so much. She really is one of my bestest friends :) I learned so much from her, we worked hard and had a great time together! 

Other exciting things that happened this week:
1. We set a baptismal date with Shane who is the husband of a less active. So exciting! 
2. We had some way awesome lessons with Tim Smith. In one of them we had our investigator pray right then to know if he should come to church with us the next day. He did and then afterwards said, "wow. that was strong. God, you scared me." Prayer is real and it works :)
3. we played soccer with the branch :) it wasnt as fun without sis. warner because she always kicks everyones butt
4. and we had 4 people to church!!!!!!!!!!! that was exciting :)

Well I love yall and thanks for all your support and prayers. Les quiero :) 

What the!? She stole my shirt! ;)

Hna. Sorta gave Sis. Warner this dress as a goodbye present and gave me this red one too!

Playing our Ukes at lunch! :)

So good to see the Fosters again. These kids are growing up so fast! It was so cute
when Teancum would say "Goudie".