Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Went Zebra!

So... transfers. Crazy! 

I was pretty sure sister mitchell was going to come here with me but right after transfer meeting AP Udall came up to me and said do you know who your companion is? And I said yeah arent I waiting for sis. mitchell to come over from the other side? he said, well yes you are waiting but it is for sis. millet. she didnt know she was getting transferred. I guess the APs couldnt get ahold of them. So I called her and she said she was just starting to pack and would get to the mission office in about 4 hours and she also told me she knows no spanish whatsoever. So that was definitely a shock. I went zebra! (when one comp. is spanish and one is english). She is very nice! She goes home in December and has taught me a lot. Spanish lessons are definitely different though because I am the only one talking... which is hard. Because I dont have someone to back up what I am saying or pick up where I stop. It is definitely a change and will be a good challenge. She is picking up really fast though and is very willing to learn :) 

So in the meantime while we waited I called the Little Rock North Spanish sisters (my old area) and told them that I have to wait for a few hours while my companion gets there and so they came and picked me up and then we went out to eat with the other spanish missionaries. And it was E. Hernandez bday! We did some work in my old area which was fun. And then I was able to see sis. foster and her kids again! They are growing up so fast! She dropped off a little present for me that they got from the pulga. It was the cutest dress and I have already worn it and it fits perfectly. I love it :) It was fun to catch up and see how the branch is doing and what has changed. 

But going back to the few days before transfers. The Barreras had us all over for a family home evening with a game and treats afterwards, we got fed a lot and had lots of goodbyes for sis. warner (everyone was so sad she was leaving), and took lots of pics. We had a few investigators that cried saying bye to her. She was loved by everyone! it was sad sending her off. I am going to miss her so much. She really is one of my bestest friends :) I learned so much from her, we worked hard and had a great time together! 

Other exciting things that happened this week:
1. We set a baptismal date with Shane who is the husband of a less active. So exciting! 
2. We had some way awesome lessons with Tim Smith. In one of them we had our investigator pray right then to know if he should come to church with us the next day. He did and then afterwards said, "wow. that was strong. God, you scared me." Prayer is real and it works :)
3. we played soccer with the branch :) it wasnt as fun without sis. warner because she always kicks everyones butt
4. and we had 4 people to church!!!!!!!!!!! that was exciting :)

Well I love yall and thanks for all your support and prayers. Les quiero :) 

What the!? She stole my shirt! ;)

Hna. Sorta gave Sis. Warner this dress as a goodbye present and gave me this red one too!

Playing our Ukes at lunch! :)

So good to see the Fosters again. These kids are growing up so fast! It was so cute
when Teancum would say "Goudie".

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