Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Members Work Miracles!

This week my testimony of member missionary work was skrenthened (as they say in in the South). I met the Plumb family this week. They are crazy! They share the gospel with everyone they come in contact with. They are not afraid to open their mouth and share what they believe. We were on bikes this week so they picked us up and drove us around town and gave us a ton of referrals and kept saying "these are your next investigators. They need the gospel and are ready for it." after we visited a few of them they just kept saying who else do we know that we need to go share the gospel with? It wasnt hard what they did either. They would just say,"what do you know about the mormons?" or "We have a way that you can quit smoking" or "These sisters have a message to share with you" and they were all willing to listen and interested. It makes such a difference when the members find the investigators and come to lessons with you of people that they know. They carry around cards and pass them out or just ask them if they have a church that they go to and invite them to come to ours. Something else that they do is invite them to come over to their home and have dinner with them and the missionaries. I love them! They make missionary work much more effective. 

We met this one man named Earl this week and the Plumbs introduced us. We were able to have a wonderful lesson with him and he totally understood the restoration and Joseph Smith. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and came to church! He is about 60 years old. We set a date with him to be baptized on the 23rd and he is excited and preparing! :) 

She also introduced us to this part member couple that are in Utah now. We taught her the week before she left with the Plumbs and she said she will be baptized and find the missionaries in Utah. She was so ready for the gospel as well as Earl. I know that these experiences we had were because the members were finding. God puts so many prepared people in their path because he knows that they will do the work. They made me want to be more bold and always look for ways to share the gospel after my mission. I cant remember who said it but "every member a missionary" and that is so true! 

We did lots of service this week. We helped a less active member set up for a yard sale. On highway 64 there is a like 150 mile yard sale. Its crazy! We also helped Melinda move into her new apartment. It is very nice :) There were some crazy storms this week but thanks to the members we werent on our bikes through any of them. We set 3 dates in one day which was better than we have done before. We had 4 people come to church and I was so excited about that! It was a bit stressful though because we had English investigators and Spanish. So we had 2 places to be at all times. We just kept switching back and forth. Sis. Millet and I sang in the English ward and then spoke in the Spanish branch. And we had a member of the ward pass away this week. So the ward has been a bit down this week. He had 3 little boys :( The funeral is on Wednesday so that will be a sad day for everyone. But I love having the knowledge that comes from this gospel that families can be together forever and I know that this family will live together again eternally because they were sealed in the temple. I am so grateful for temples and for the opportunity to serve a mission and help others recognize the blessings that come from temples. 

Love y'all!
Hermana Goudota ;)

Petit Jean with my comp. and Denys!

Hiked up on top behind the waterfall!

The gang at Petit Jean!

Look at that lovely street sign!

My companion and I holding this cute little kitty!

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