Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Today Was a Really Great Week"

Hey family! My week was good. My companion accidentally said this the other day at the end of a day and it was totally true. pretty much describes every day of this week. All the days were super long but really good. we had lots of success this week and taught and found lots of new elect people :)
Some other fun things. we helped a less active who is a professional at making dresses (wedding dresses, quincenera dresses, you name it). We met a white cuban this week. It was so weird seeing her speak spanish because she was whiter than my comp. who is pretty white. we had a lesson with connie saying shes not sure if she believes in god anymore. That was a fun lesson. It ended well though and there might have been a few tears shed ;)

Also, we went to go to the apartment gym the other morning and on the way there we saw lots of frogs at the pond. we tried to catch them but they were all too fast and jumped in the pond. they were pretty big too. there was this weird goosish (not a word I know) noise coming from the edge of the pond behind a tree and we went to see what it was and it was just a HUGE toad. It was cool. Then on our way back we found a little baby frog hopping around and we picked him up and my comp. wanted a pic. so we took him back to our apartment. He was super tiny and cute. When we got in the frog jumped out of her hands into the sink and started hopping around. It was small enough to fall down the cracks in the sink but somehow was surviving. we were trying to get him out but then the next thing we knew he fell down the sink and we were SO sad! we then undid the pipes under the sink to get him out because we didnt want him to die in there. The smells were terrible but we found him again and saved him! :) I have a pic of him. Hes super cute. oh the lovely adventures of a missionary at 7 in the morning.
There are so many hispanics here. In my last area most of them thought I was hispanic. Here it is a different story. Someone here the other day asked if I was from Samoa... I guess its time to start losing weight ;) Nah he said he thought that because of my last name.
We had an awesome less active family come back to church this week and bring their cousin with them! We are looking forward to teaching them and Jose said he would be baptized when he knows its true :) great things are happening here in memphis.

Ruth didnt show up for her confirmation. We hope everything is alright with her. We are going to stop by and visit her today and ask what happened.

The hermosillo girls are so cute! They always bring friends to church and us missionaries love that! Viri braided my hair beautifully (I will send a pic) at the baptism after church that the Elders had.
We also went out with a member named Almendra this week. She is super cute! She is 19 and used to live in Utah. She knows Russel Douros. That was weird talking with her about that. 

We ate with the Garcia family this week. They are incredible. They have a 4 year old son named Angelo that got attacked by a dog when he was 2 and doesnt have any hair on his head due to the damage. he was in a coma for 3 weeks so he wouldnt have to deal with the pain. anyways they went to Utah last year to see one of the missionaries get sealed in the temple and they went to visit the statue of Christ at temple square. when they got there Angelo say the statue and told his mom "El estaba conmigo en el hospital"- "he was with me in the hospital." That touched me so much. this little boy knew and recognized Jesus Christ because he was with him strengthening him through this time in his life. It is just a testimony to me that Christ always knows what we go through and is always here to help us in our most difficult times. I love this gospel and I know that Christ suffered for each one of us. His Atonement is not only for when we sin but when we go through pains and afflictions too. I love this gospel and know it is true!
Well thats about it for the week. Love you all :) Have a good week! 

Con amor,
Hermanita Goudita

Little Baby Bike!

Ruth at the Baptism.

Mango Popsicles that Sis. Perez made for us with lime juice and hot sauce. Delicious!

My Uke!

Little Baby Frog!

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