Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Walkin' in Memphis!

I am in Memphis! Well actually Bartlett. But pretty much memphis. It is a really nice area with really nice houses and nice people. I didnt realize how sketchy of an area I was in before until I came here. But I like it so far. It is really different. I am with sis. Smith whose is great! Her spanish is super good. I feel like I am going to learn a lot from her.
So last week I didnt have time to write an email but just some of the highlights. We helped with the tornado clean up which was crazy (just picking up lots of trees and making piles to burn) I got a rose from the Elders investigators after a lesson with him-he came running out of the house to give it to me and only brought 1 when there was 3 of us... I got the lovely bike shirt from E. Ludwigs mom (I love her!) the members had us missionaries over after church last week to say bye because I gave my testimony in church and told them I thought I was leaving, went to the temple and had a lovely time! (about a 2.5 hour drive with a member who drove all of us up in her van), cried a lot saying goodbye to all the members/investigators that I loved from the area, and packed up all my stuff.
It is my first time getting transferred so this is all pretty new to me and a bit difficult. I really miss my last area and loved it SO much but I know I will like it here too. It will grow on me. There are so many more hispanics over here! The branch is a lot bigger! I got to go in and help out in primary the other day with the piano. that was fun :) I also played for the primary during sacrament while they sang a mothers day song. It is hard to be here on holidays. Especially mothers day because you cant go give your mom a big hug.
We are on bike week this week and have already found lots of cool new people. They were teaching some really cool people before I got here that are preparing to be baptized. It is fun to get to meet new people and hear their conversion stories. We are having a baptism of an eternigator this Sunday. Her wedding was beautiful and we were able to read messages on her phone of her son who lives in Mexico. He went on a mission and has wanted her to get baptized all her life. When she told him (in the messages I read) that she decided to get married so she could get baptized it made me cry. He was so happy and so excited for her and told her he has wanted this for them his whole life. Its just a testimony to me that you should never give up and keep trying because one day is always the right day for someone and here in Bartlett I am trying to work hard to find those people who are ready to make that covenant like Ruth is :)
Skyping everyone was so lovely yesterday! I realized just how much I miss seeing all of your faces! But next mothers day I will be home to give you all a big hug! I love you all and pray for you every day :)
Con amor,
Hermana Goudie

**Pictures from last week**

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