Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ruth Got Baptized!!!

Hey family. 

This week was really good :) So cool thing about memphis. There are fireflies everywhere! They are so cool. I feel like I am in the movie princess and the frog, missionary style. We were on bike week this week and it was super rainy, but we did see the most beautiful rainbow ever. We biked through lots of rivers but also found lots of cool new investigators! We had a family home evening with the Perez family, went to a pancake house with sis. hunt (who is the most loving, generous person I have ever met-we went to a less actives house who is struggling financially and she asked what food she needs for the week and went and bought it for her and then gave her money for gas. such a sweetheart) had our last interviews with President before he heads out in a few weeks, ate dinner at the hermosillos (they have a guitar that I got to play for a little bit and they fixed my shoe-they are pretty awesome) did ruths interview for her baptism and she fed us afterwards, had a specialized training with Elder Kapishke and Meredith where they talked a lot about vision and how we need to constantly keep our minds and hearts on the vision of helping others gain eternal life, and RUTH GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! It was super exciting. Her son was able to skype in for it from Mexico and he also gave the talk on baptism. Sis. Smith and I sang "yo se que vive mi senor." It was a really good program and Ruth is SO happy! Ruth was so ready and prepared to be baptized. 

We also set 2 baptismal dates with Connie and Jose. the dates are a ways out but its because they have to get married first and connie needs to find out who her parents are and get her birth certificate before they can get married. So we will be praying hard for them. Other than that this week was pretty chill. Love you all and hope you are all doing great!
Con amor,
Hermana Goudie

Ashley. She is so super cute. She kept asking what my name was. Sister Gabby is
what she calls me. Her dad is super sick in he hospital and might need a heart
transplant. This families story is so cool. They got baptized a little over a year ago
and sealed in the temple a few months ago.

La Familia Torres :)

Ruth and Lain and us at her baptism! Love her! :)

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