Monday, June 16, 2014

I Am Getting Transferred!

Hey everyone!
So this week was a bit full of surprises. We had our last zone conference with Pres. Peterson. It was super good and I am going to miss them a lot! They have taught me so much. We get our new mission president from tonga in a couple weeks. When I saw sis. mitchell (I hadnt seen her in awhile) I realized how much I missed her and her lovely hugs. I really just needed to talk to her and a few tears may have been shed in the process. I love her so much :) she really is one of my favorites.
We went on exchanges with the Jackson sisters right after zone conference. As we were praying about it I felt that I needed to go to Jackson (and I wanted to go there with sis. mitchell) but sis. smith felt that sis. mitchell should come here. So I went to jackson with sis. Johnson and had a great time :) She is super fun. But crazy story! We went out to lunch with a member and she was asking a lot about me and my family. The conversation of my uncle serving in the mission got brought up. I was like "not sure if you know a todd ashby but he served in this mission awhile back" she was like "GET OUT! I remember him completely. He was an awesome elder!" It was super cool. I didnt know if I would ever meet anyone that knew him being spanish and all but jackson is an english area and they dont have a spanish branch. But I really hope I get to serve there some day. It would be cool to serve where my uncle did. being up there with lots of english members for the day, we got fed a LOT! It was nice :) and we got free snowcones too ;) the bishop up there owns it.
Just a random funny. Lain totally threw mangoes at me and sis. smith this last week when we stopped by their house ;) he loves us ;)
And crazy story. On exchanges sis. smith and mitchell met a jehovas witness guy that set up another time to meet with them. we went to the lesson and he had brought a friend with him (jdub missionary) and we had a 2 and a half hour lesson with them at the park. They were pretty much trying to convert us... it was funny. good thing I had sis. smith there to show them all the scriptures to back up what we were saying. she is really good at scriptures. it was interesting to be on the other side of it though and realize that sometimes my investigators might feel like this when we open to a scripture and dont explain whats going on or when we ask silly questions. It was a good teaching experience. I just bore a firm testimony that I knew that what we shared was true and it was cool how the spirit was there the whole time testifying to me that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the only true church on the earth today. \
We got to go to the temple today for pres. last time. Only the sis. training leaders and zone leaders got to go and since sis. smith is about to be STL we got invited last night. It was a really good experience. I love the temple :)
Well thats about it for the week. I am getting transferred and excited to have new adventures and find new people in a different area. Love you all!
Hermana Goudie

I got to see Elder Ludwig too at Zone Conference. I have missed my cousin!

Reunited with Sis. Mitchell!

The Yarbroughs who know Todd!

Sis. Tudon is the cutest person alive. I love her!

Like mother like daughter (Mission mother that is!)

I am going to miss the Zuccheros. Their Story is amazing.
We caught a lizard on our deck!

The Garcia Family. Love them. This is the little kid who got bit by a dog.

The Hermosillos! Love them too!

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