Monday, June 30, 2014

Week of Miracles!!

This week was full of miracles!!!!!! and also some really tough lessons. But sister warner and I got through them and the week ended so well! it started off with sis. hernandez taking us to chick fil a :) she was down here for work and called and took us out to dinner. It was so nice of her!

We had some interesting lessons with Jere this week. She is one of our investigators that got sent from the sisters in Conway. She is super elect she just doesnt know it. She has been to church 4 or 5 times now she just needs to make the decision. the last time we visited her we took sister hardway and they talked a lot about getting remarried and then afterwards she told us that she just kinda wants to take it slow for now. 

Sister washburn took us to the hospital for lunch and she is really cool. she did suzuki piano and also went on a mission to the philippines. she plays the organ and told me she wants to teach me. 

We had a lesson with some luz del mundo people which I believe is a church that formed from a missionary who served in mexico and then came home, got excommunicated, and branched off and formed his own church. so they believe a lot of things that we do. but the lesson was really long and they pretty much told us that we dont baptize right and that no where in the bible says to baptize in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost besides matt. 28:19. They werent making sense. But he told us he would read the book of mormon and if he finds anything that doesnt match up with the bible that he would give us a call and expect an explanation. but sis. warner and I just testified that what we know is true and it was really cool to be able to understand every thing that he was sharing and asking and to have the spirit with us to remember where scriptures are to share with him and that it was with us to bring power to what we were saying. it was a hard lesson though and he told us that we need to investigate the book of mormon more and our religion because it doesnt make sense and that it is not true. they invited us to come to their church. we stayed strong though and our testimonies were strengthened from this experience.

besides that and a few other miracles we saw this week, there was one huge miracle! Melinda, who is 64 has been taught by sis. warner since january. she has had a few baptismal dates in the past but they have fallen through. she used to smoke a lot, but gave that up in february. she is on oxygen and the doctors told her she would be for the rest of her life. she is home alone all day and doesnt have family here. one of the first days I got her we went and visited her and she didnt want to set a date to be baptized because she told us she is not physically able to be baptized with her health right now. so we were going to put her on hold for awhile. we went to visit at the beginning of this last week and she didnt answer the door or her phone. there was also a meals on wheels card stuck in her door with the date that they came by which was the day before. we were a little worried. we went back the next day and the card was still in the door. so we had the feeling to check the hospital. sure enough. she was there. we went in and she was hallucinating like crazy. she was way out of it. the doctors said she had been going on like that for 2 days and that this was the best she had been. she kinda recognized sis. warner but only for a few seconds. so we were super scared and sis. warner had a hard time with it. she loves her a lot and is really close with her. we went back the next day and she was completely normal. she told us that she had been praying a lot and that she wanted to be baptized this week. we could not believe it! she said that she had asked her doctors the day before (which couldnt have been possible because she was out of it the day before) and they said it would not be a problem for her to be baptized. so something happened while she was out of it and she knew she needed to be baptized. she told us that she had been putting it off and procrastinating and she knew it was what she needed to do. so we set the date for sat. but now we might do it this thursday instead. we went back the next day and she was off oxygen. she started crying and told us that ever since she decided to be baptized that every thing is falling into place and that the Lord has been blessing her. It just reminded me of the scripture Ether 12:6. she is so excited and so ready to be baptized. She even started talking to her hispanic roomates about the book of mormon and told us that she was testifying of it to them. and another miracle, they happened to be lost investigators of the spanish elders. one time we went in and about 10 minutes later the elders walked in to give this hispanic lady a blessing. when we decide to be  humble and do what we know we need to do to keep the commandments, God will immediately bless us (Mosiah 2:24). 

The rest of this week was good. We went and hiked Mount Nebo today with the elders. It was fun :) Sis. warner and I also taught the most lessons we had both taught on our missions so far in a week. It was a good week! 

Love yall! 
Hermana Goudita

Gotta love church signs in the South. ;)

Language study with the Elders (definitely helps to have a native).

Sis. Loftin gave us all of this food from her house when we went to
visit ;) she is so nice!

Mary and Joe Dickerson. Love them!

Sis. Warner and I had a sleepover downstairs in our apartment just for the fun of it!

Sis. Warner and I at Mount Nebo today!

Us at Mount Nebo.

Sis. Warner and I jumping at Mount Nebo

At the Waterfall.

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