Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bike Week Otra Vez

Hey family,
So this week we were supposed to get the car back on Tuesday originally, then it switched toThursday, then Friday. So we had another bike week! It was lovely. We got some definate tanlines and a great work out. We were supposed to be on bike week again this week but E. Pribyl felt bad so he switched the car share around so we have the car again :) It feels so lovely to have A/C again!
We went on exchanges this week and I met sis. bradford. She is so amazing! she has such a beautiful voice and we helped her find a song to sing at an activity that they were havingsunday night. It was like a music devotional with songs about the Savior. They live with members and they have a piano and a ping pong table in their house. It was so cool! I met some cool members that fed us a delicious meal and also met one of their recent converts Roselda who is 83 years old and just got baptized in March. She is amazing! We went over and played some go fish with her and then shared some scriptures. Her prayers are the cutest. In her prayer she said that she was so grateful for us and that she really likes us. She then said "I am not sure if they like me but I really hope they do." We love her. She does not like long hair though and told me I need to cut it off and donate it to the little kids ;) shes pretty hysterical. She reminded me of great grandpa a bit-maybe a little bit more crazy. But she loved to sing songs with us.
One of the days we were riding our bikes a huge storm randomly appeared and started raining super hard. We were in a neighborhood and were just knocking on doors because we couldnt drive anywhere. no one wanted to listen. We knocked on a door and asked to share a message with them and they said no but like we always do we asked if any of their neighbors were hispanic. they said across the street they were. So we tried but they werent home. We went back the next day and met Veronica who was super nice and really loved the message we shared and said she would come to church and be baptized but wants to learn more. She did not speak spanish but her dad did. So as we were leaving we wrote down her name and found out that her last name was orellana who is another way awesome family we are teaching. we asked if they were related and she said yes. we went over to the orellanas (the ones we have been teaching) house last night and veronicas dad happened to be there and we shared a message with him and he told us that his daughter had been reading in the book of mormon and pamphlet we left with her and he said that it was really interesting. we gave him a book of mormon and taught him the restoration and he said he too would be baptized but first wants to come to church and is excited to come to church. These two families are so cool and I know they are ready. I know at times in the mission we struggle at finding the elect but when we are at the hardest times and just want to go in from the storm is when God really sees that we are trying and doing his will that is when we find those that are willing to listen to us and act on the message.
Well I love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Con amor,
Hermana Goudita

Roselda :) 83 year old convert. She had to get dunked 6 times... she is so stinkin cute!

Sis. Bradford our Sis. Training leader. I love her and she has the most beautiful voice.
We sang together and played Jar of Hearts. It was so fun!

A friendly reminder from the South!

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