Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time is Slipping By

Well... where to start? I am running out of time! Everyday I am like oh we need to go and see this person and this person and we just run out of time! But we had a great week :)

Started off in Little Rock because my comp. was at the temple so I got to spend the day with hna. dube which was SO FUN! I miss her! There is a chiropracter there so we got to go and get adjusted for free and then guess what was sitting right outside? It was like a taco stand but it sold INDIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!! I have not had indian food for 17 months and it looked so good so sis. reed and I gave in and went and bought some tikka masala with rice and naan and a mango lassie. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! now dont get me wrong the homemade mexican food we get fed is delicious but I really enjoyed that indian food. we dont have indian places here in little old russellville. Okay its not even that little but still. then we went and hung out out the church with all the missionaries in the area. we played some hackey sack which is SO FUN and I won e. meyers and hes pro at it! Okay so it was probably just luck but it was real fun. then we played signs and we also have a good time doing that.

On our way home the smiths stopped at chick fil a which i love (wow I feel like more than half my emails are about food-guess it just goes to show how much I love food ;)) and while we were there we got a text on sis. smiths phone (SOMEONE accidentally left their phone on the desk in russellville and had to go 2 days without a phone. way to go sis. goudie. believe me. it was stressful. but it all worked out just fine. the elders went and got our phone from our apt. and were keeping us updating on anything that came through.) anyways back to the story. the elders texted us and said that daniela had texted our phone and asked if we were busy today and asked if we could come over. I was a bit worried. shes never really asked us to come over. Usually when that happens its either real bad info like they dont want to keep being taught or it could be really good. Well I was expecting the worse cause I have never really had a good experience like that and we showed up and Jaime was there which was a surprise. So we got talking and they were saying anything good or bad so then I really started to worry that they were just holding off till the right moment to tell us the bad news. But then something caught my attention. DANIELA HAD A RING ON HER FINGER!!!!!!!!!!! this is happening for reals. She is getting married. HE PROPOSED!!!!!! Yay :) So we figured out thats why she wanted us to come over! I love good news :) Jaime also told me that if we are allowed to go to the buffalo river he will get baptized on the 5th, and if not, he will wait a couple weeks until I will be able to come back. Yay! He is getting baptized! And daniela will too someday. I know it! It will be so hard leaving them. I love them so much! They are like my family away from family. 

Can I just say I love mormon messages. We have been using those a lot and thats why Ipads are going to be so useful. So glad at least my comp. will be able to be here when the ACTUALLY come. haha ;) 

At our zone meeting e. fiso told me I could pick the song to sing for the closing. Of course had to play a joke and picked 309. He didnt have the time to ask what it was. So I went up to start playing it and all the missionaries started laughing and finally he was like, OKAY! We are not singing this! Haha got to love "as sisters in zion." he made me change the song. Went on my last exchange so that was weird. met this lady Roseann and my testimony that Joseph Smith did see the Father and the Son was strengthened. 

Got to see ben this week! That kid is doing awesome! And chino. wish I could say the same ;) Haha no hes good. Just got to get him to church ;) He really does have good intentions though. Had my last sports night. So sad but so fun! 

At church daniela and carolina were there. Daniela showed up with a stuffed Dory and I guess while they were in Little Rock looking for a wedding dress they found this and it reminded her and Jaime of me because I never remember what I am going to say just like Dory. #shorttermmemorylossisreal. Veronica y su esposo and sis. lewis and I sang in sacrament meeting. Had a carne asada with the members after church. Knocked on a door with a Utah license plate. Hes not from Utah but was legit. Him and his girlfriend are awesome and I am so excited to start teaching them! 

Well things are going good. Time is flying. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to see my testimony grow so much. I know this is the true church. I know we have a living prophet who leads and guides us. I know the book of mormon is true. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. Testimonies come over time! Be patient! But also be diligent.

Love yall!

Hermana Goudie

The new family that just moved in from El Salvador have an ostrich or emu. Not sure what but it's pretty legit.


Playing with light sabers!


Look whose getting married!

Always wanted a pic with this!

I love this little boy. CESAR!!! COCO!!!


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