Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Exciting News!

So... time is still flying by way to fast! However, we had a great week! Monday evenings sometimes dont usually go very well as a missionary. Atleast with my experience. But we had a great Monday evening last week. We decided to head down to Dardenelle and stop by the Panaderia (bread store) where Carolina works. Well after I bought a delicious pan (bread-I had to! They are so good!) she said she wasnt to busy so she wanted to sit down with us and chat for a bit. So we sat down at the table and talked for about 3 minutes about having faith in Christ and how she wants to increase her faith in Christ but she feels like its hard because shes going through so much right now and thats why we told her its so important that she does that now because her faith in Christ will help her through the hard things shes going through and then someone walked in the shop so she had to go back up to the front of the store (also can I just say I feel like I am in Mexico when I am in her store. I love it :)) so after he leaves she comes back and sits down with us and then we get on another subject, prophets. Then someone walks in and she has to get back up and then after they leave she comes and sits back down and then we start talking about the Book of Mormon. And then another person, okay I think you get the point. But we were there for over an hour teaching her like this because she is always so busy at her panaderia and is there from like 9 am to 9 pm so it is really hard to find time to teach her, but I have learned that the Lord provides a way and makes it possible for us to teach her! Anyways we got on the subject of baptism of course and she said she still wants to be baptized and would like to change religion. She said its just hard because shes always so busy and we told her that we could come and teach her there or when she gets back at her house at 9 and leave by 930 and she seemed really excited and was glad to see that we werent giving up on her because she told us she really wants this :) She is probably the sweetest lady I know. We have been trying to work with her for some months now, but I think this time it will really work. We asked more about baptism and said that she is wanting to do it this time. So we said, "We will be having a baptismal service on March 28th. Will you prepare to be baptized on that day?" in spanish of course and then she said, oh really? who will be getting baptized? and we said "Usted!" ;) haha gotta love PMG. she agreed and was able to come to church this week and she is doing real good! 

Also, we got some GREAT news from Jaime and Daniela! They are going to get married on April 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One step in the right direction to them being baptized :) That will be my last Sunday and I am so grateful that I got to stay here and help them prepare to get married and help them prepare for baptism. Although I dont know if I will be here for the baptism  :( Because Jaime has to get baptized in the Buffalo River because he had a dream in Mexico where he got baptized in that river and when he arrived here in Arkansas and saw the Buffalo River he said it was the exact same river that he had in his dream. And the Buffalo River is like an hour away and not in the mission :( so that will be sad. He couldve maybe done it on April 5th (my last sun.) if it werent for the fact that we have general conference that day so we wouldnt even get to the river until like 6ish... but I will come back for sure when they get baptized! I love them so much :) 

E. Meyers got everyone to do the huggle that the Petersons used to have us do at the end of specialized again for our last one. That was fun :) and may have brought some tears to my eyes #throwback

It was beautiful temperature these last few days. Like in the 70's! Love spring time! :) and crazy story. There was this old man that came up to us in walmart a few weeks ago and starting bashing with us hard core and guess who was on the national geographic tv show at one of our investigators houses. THE SAME GUY!!!!!!!!!!! he was crazy! Bro. Smith our 70 year old ward mission leader in our correlation meeting starts it off with "first off, let me get my calender out so I can write it down. sis. goudie. when do you go home?" haha gotta love it when the members start marking their calenders ;) 

On Sunday we had lots of success! We were actually able to have a gospel principles class! There were 9 of us in there! Wahoo!!!!!!! okay thats including 4 missionaries and one member but still. dont think that has happened since the whole time ive been here. 

Also, one of the missionaries rules is that whenever the car is backing up, your comp. has to be behind you to back you. Well, I pulled into this trailer park to see if there were any hispanics and it didnt look like it so I was trying to turn around and make it so my comp. didnt have to back me because it was kinda raining so I tried to turn around at the dead end in just a little bit of where the grass was and little did I know that it was like a swamp that I was turning around in! yep. we got stuck for like an hour. The elders had to come and get us unstuck. The owner was not a very happy camper... she was like "why didnt you just back out?" well... because we are missionaries and we do everything we can do avoid backing! haha ;) oops... this same day we knocked on this mansion that looks like the tower of terror and they didnt answer so we dropped a restoration pamphlet in their door #yolo and got fed pupusas again this week. we walked into a families house that were making them and I go, "my comp. wants to learn how!" haha well they were more than welcome to show us and of course were so glad to have company to enjoy them with! ;) i love pupusas! 

well... just enjoying myself here and seeing lots of miracles! Love yall! 

Sister Goudie


Getting stuck in the mud

At a fhe with the branch, Daniela and Elizabeth!

We are in LR for the day and we drove down last night because sis. lewis got to go to the temple (for her bday) and they left for memphis at like 630 in the am so I am chilling in LR until she gets back. So this was the crew last night when we arrived. the elders wanted to say hi to isabel and oswaldo (who were so kind to drive us!)

Reunited once again! Dont worry... we didnt actually sleep together ;)

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