Monday, March 2, 2015

7th Transfer in Russellville! Let's Make This The Best!

Mi familia! Como estan? So, my trainee, or hija as they call it here in the mission is so AWESOME!!!!!!! I love her so much! She has so much energy about doing missionary work. Her name is Hna. Lewis and she is so dang cute! She is from Sandy Utah so she lives real close to me! 

So this week has been real good. Its funny how things that I am so used to are like a foreign language to new missionaries. But training has been going awesome. She is going to teach me so much! This week we were on bike week and it was FRIGID!!!!!!!! But we survived :) At the very beginning of this week back when sis. dube was here on Monday night we got trapped in Katies all day ;) We went over to Katies to play games with her and the Elders at like 4:30 and right when we got in we got a text from ZL's saying that we had to get in and stay where we were until further notice. Well, we didnt find out that we could leave until like 8ish so we played some games with Katie and it was real fun but kinda weird that we werent able to go out and do missionary work. I felt so weird just 'hanging out' and felt like I wasnt doing anything good or worthwhile. Although it was a lot of fun. But thats what I am going to have to do pretty soon and its just going to be weird! I just feel like Im a missionary and thats all I know how to do ;)

On Thursday, so sis. lewis 2nd day in the mission, we had dinner with a member and then this member wanted to help us out for a bit since we didnt have a car and I decided to try this member that sis. dube found in the area book the other day. She was a member referral from like last year and I have never really taught her but I knew who she was. Well she was on my mind so we stopped by and she let us in and she kept asking questions like "I just dont understand why there are so many churches and how I can know which one to go to." it was perfect! So we taught the restoration and she said that it made a lot of sense and we committed her to baptism and she agreed and we set a date for March 21st. It was awesome! I really learned that when we are being dilligent and talking to everyone (even though they might be kind of weird and not everyone we talk to will want to listen to us) the Lord will bless us and we will be able to meet those that are prepared. But after the lesson we got out and as soon as she shut the door and we were close to the car sis. lewis just starts screaming and jumping and comes up and and hugs me and it was so cute! It brought me back to the time when I first set a date with someone and I was that exact same way! She was SO excited! And I was too dont get me wrong but I guess after being a missionary for a 17 months I guess you are just kinda used to it ;) but she really helps me remember that what we do as missionaries is so special. We help bring souls unto Christ!This transfer is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

Other things this week. We got stuck in hna. barreras car in the snow for like an hour. Her car broke down and we were waiting for people to come and fix it ;) also sis. lewis wanted to knock every house with a wind chime on the porch. Such a great idea ;) although almost every single house that we saw had wind chimes. We got to meet a lot of new people this week! 

And can I just say I cannot believe it is March????? Holy cow!!!! Time is just flying by! 

Well I love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

these kids just wanted to ride their bikes with us! It was hilarious!


Getting stuck at Katies

at the panaderia! I feel like I am in Mexico when I am here

Oswaldo gave us these lovely hats :) 

SIS. LEWIS!!!!!!!!!! Isnt she beautiful? It was definately snowing at transfers.

Ramirez drove through Russellville and he wanted to meet Katie. So that was fun :)

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