Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Week Down!!

Can I just say that I just love being a missionary? However, I also sometimes never know what to write about anymore because everything is just so normal now. But there were some exciting things that happened! 

We were able to meet with amber a few times this week and she is doing real good. Also, hna. lewis keeps making fun of me for saying "real." I picked it up from hna. dube. Its so interesting how every single one of my companions has had an impact on me and its like they left a little part of them with me. Whether it be how I talk or how I act or how I teach. By the end of the mission especially when you teach you can totally tell that almost everything you say is a combination of all the companions you had. So thats pretty cool :) Sis. Lewis said, "Thats so neat that youve pick up your favorite things from each companion so now at the end of your mission you are a pro teacher." Now definately know that the pro teacher part is not true but it is fun to see what things youve picked up from each companion. Its really funny too being able to see missionaries and knowing people well enough that you can tell who they have been companions with. I really do believe that I have needed to meet and be with everyone that I have on my mission for a reason and that I learned so much from them. 

Also something cool. We went over to see Jaime and Daniela before he took of to Missouri again and we have just been waiting and praying and praying and waiting for the news on his sister being able to get her visa soon so that these 2 can get married already! Well... of course we asked them if they had heard anything and they said that she has not got her visa yet and they are thinking that they are just going to get married without her coming. So they said they think the wedding will be onApril 4th which is my last Saturday here!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried!!!!!!!!! I love Jaime and Daniela SO much and I think I will be here for their wedding!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!! And then guess what that means? They will be one step closer to being baptized!!!!!!!!!!! So heres what hna. leal proposed to us. We still have to propose it to them. They get married on the 4th, sat. of general conference, and then on the 5th, sunday of general conference (after the sessions of course) they can get baptized! They would have to wait a week to get the Holy Ghost but I dont think it will be a problem from Jaime and Daniela. They are pretty solid :) So that is what we are going to pray hard for and propose to them as soon as Jaime gets back from Missouri that they can get married and then baptized. I have been working with them for 6 months and they are the most solid people I've ever taught. I feel like I knew them before, like we are legit family. Jaime told me he wants me to be the godmother of his daughter Elizabeth. Goodness, this family just cant get any cuter. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to find this family, teach them, and still be here for when they get married. Obviously dont want to get my hopes up incase it doesnt happen, but I have faith that it will! And I keep asking myself why I am still in Russellville, but who knows, maybe its for them! :)

We taught the D&C class this last Saturday and we didnt really end up teaching much mostly because hna. sorto is a real good teacher and she was helping us out a lot but by the end of the class pretty sure every hna. cried. I bawled like a little baby. Man, it sure is going to be hard leaving this place. I feel so close to everyone. I guess thats one thing that makes it difficult about staying in an area for 10 months is the fact that when you leave, its like you are leaving family behind. Also, I just love something pres. wakolo always says: "when you get transferred, you dont get transferred to the area, but you get transferred to the people." I am so grateful that I am able to meet the amazing people and get to know them so well here in Russellville.

On sunday I was asked to speak in the spanish sacrament and I talked about the plan of salvation. It went really well. Something thats kind of nice about speaking in a branch is that fact that I dont get too nervous because it is pretty small. And its weird how normal it is for me to give talks and teach in spanish now. We also had a Family Home Evening in Conway with the branch and that was so fun to have all the members together and enjoy some delicious mexican food (man am I going to miss that) and games (sharades) and a testimony meeting. Its times like these when you just feel so loved and know that you are where you are supposed to be. I also realized just how blessed I have been in my life to always be surrounded by loving family and friends. I know that each and everyone of you have taught me so much! 

Well... thanks for reading my feelings in a nutshell about what went down this last week. Love yall so much! Please keep reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, and going to church! The church is true! 

Hermana Goudie

This was from last week when we decided to knock all doors with windchimes

 awkward moment when david puts this on me after district meeting because hes says im getting married soon... oh gosh. #lasttransferprobs

Playing mormon trivia with the elders!

our zls told us we couldnt drive the car all day this day and we had to stay inside... WHY???????????? no snow!!!!!!!!!

This was from the FHE with the members in Conway

Goudie face!

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