Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Week!!

hey yall, 

So, this email might be short... I am being lazy today and dont want to write a ton ;) but I will just share the best things that happened this week.

This week we had specialized and my mission president is just awesome! He shared his conversion story and it took him 8 years to join the church. It just gave me hope for the people that I love that I am teaching that are not choosing to act now. Maybe it is not their time but we should never give up and keep trying because we never know when it will be there time. I often think that the people that take the longest are often the strongest members down the road. 

We also watched a video that I have seen multiple times before but it really hit me this time. It shows Christ doing the different things he did while he was here on Earth and with each thing it lists the attribute like humility, obedience, love, things like that. Well, I just realized that that is one thing I have learned on my mission, is more about my Savior. And because I am learning more about him, I am trying to become more like him. And the only way we can become like Him is if we come unto Him. Two of my favorite scriptures: 3 Nephi 27:27 and Moroni 10:32. What manner of men should we be? Like Christ. So lets go unto Him and be perfected in Him. Thats what brings us the greatest joy and just like 2 Nephi 2:25 says we are here to have joy and the footnote to that is Potential to Become Like Heavenly Father and we do that by being perfected in Christ. Man I just love being a missionary and all the cool revelations I have and things I learn. I know that I am learning so much here that I wouldnt be able to learn anywhere else. I love being a missionary! 

I also worked on my fear of man this week and was trying to be more bold like my companion sis. Dube. We are just trying to talk to everyone even though it is awkward but somehow sis. dube has a way of making things not awkward. I am learning a lot from her :) We talked to a random person this week trying to see someone who wasnt there and this guy pulled up so we talked to him and he said, "it was definitely a sign that we talked to him! yahoo! Isnt that just great? we started talking to him in spanish because he was totally hispanic but turns out he didnt know any spanish because his parents only spoke to him in english. that was a bit awkward ;) I also met a hispanic that didnt believe in God this week. That was a first. 

Hey everyone just dont stop smiling okay! It really makes a difference. there was a member that came back to church and he said that the only ones that were nice to him and smiled at him were the missionaries and it made him feel bad that no one else did. So KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!! 

funny quote: "whats a dingleling?" oh sis. dube. its so silly some of the differences in language. Like instead of garbage she says bin and she says toilet instead of bathroom. I love her! 

We had exchanges and I learned so much from sis. Tu'ifua. I love her! Found out that her sis. is in Xanders mission I think and that she knows my great aunt and uncle who served as a mission president there. I just love learning from others!

And guess what! Wow... remember how I said that this email was going to be short? oops.... we we had 4 people at church yesterday! It was lovely :) I have learned that dilligence, prayer, and sacrifice brings blessings. Jaime, Daniela, Carolina, and Zach came to church and it just sure makes a missionaries day when you have people come to church :) We also had 3 of our recent converts there as well! CHINO CAME! :) yahoo! We had a bomb lesson with Jaime and Daniela and I am so grateful for the scriptures and members who help us so much. I think Jaime agreed to live the word of wisdom. His prayer was awesome when he was praying to not have that temptation again. 

Well... we are going on bike week this week. Hopefully it will not be too cold. I love yall.

Hermana Goudie

Playing frolf with the elders!!

Reading scriptures with the elders and our recent convert Ben outside ;)

Throw down with our investigator! We couldn't go in because his mom wasn't there :( but we stayed warm!

We had lunch with the Chapmans and we found these cute guys outside ;)

Exchanges with the best sistas ever!!!!!!! sis. neal and tu'ifua

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