Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am in LITTLE ROCK!!!

So... my companion left this morning with sis. warner to the temple and they spend the night at the mission home and fly home early this morning so sis. stevens and I drove here last night and I get to be here until Wednesday when I get my new companion. It was so hard to say goodbye to sis. warner. But its alright. She is coming back in 2 weeks to visit. I get to see all my recent converts within the next few days, some less actives, and some members here in LR. I am so excited! I cant believe it has been a year since I have taught the people here. I love this place. And sis. ives is just the best :)
So I left my old planner in the apartment... lets see if I can remember what happened last week. Well there is some exciting news! Bens phone finally got turned on, we have not been able to get ahold of him for a week so we weren't sure if he still wanted to be baptized on the 17th. But we were weekly planning and I just decided I would try his phone one last time and IT WAS ON!!!!!!!!! Yahoo :) He said he still wanted to be baptized. He is solid. He was at drill this last weekend but he told us that he talked to his dad who is a recent convert in Oklahoma and that he is coming down on the 17th for his baptism! So... we will be communicating through texts until wed., meet with him that night, finish teaching him, get him ready for the interview, do the program, and there should be a baptism on Saturday! I am so excited :) way to start of the transfer!
We also just had a lot of goodbyes to do with sis. stevens leaving. it is so weird watching someone pack up and get ready to go home... I just love being a missionary. I cant picture not being one ;)
We had interviews with pres. this last week. They were good. "as beautiful as you are, I have to ask, is your heart locked?" "Yes president!" It was silly. Don't worry, he is asking everyone ;) and another funny thing happened. we met this older couple the other day walking around and they seemed interested so we gave them a book of Mormon and made an appointment. we showed up for our appointment and a younger lady comes out right after knocking with a book of Mormon in her hands. So we asked her name and she said "You can have this back (the book of Mormon) and I looked through this pamphlet (the restoration) and this is really just not what I am looking for. I cant believe my dad let yall come back here." I kindly told her that we respect her decision but that we have many copies of the book of Mormon so I told her to just keep it incase she ever had a question or wanted to look at it sometime in the future. She decided to take it back ;) I think she came out prepared to be a lot meaner than she was but when she saw that we were just 2 young gals she decided to be reasonably nice ;)
I just finished reading the New Testament :) it was awesome! I learned so much about Christ's teachings and really want to strive to become more like Him. I am reading the Book of Mormon again this transfer and can I just say that Lehi and Nephi have got all of the Christlike Attributes down! ;) humility, gratitude, obedience, everything. Some of us are just slower okay? ;) Well I am excited for this new transfer and the things that lay in store. Love yall!
Hermana Goudie

P.S. Oh and one more thing... church was cancelled. For sis. stevens last Sunday. it was quite sad. Supposedly there were supposed to be icy conditions but I never saw much. Definitely did not feel like a Sunday without church...

Dia De Reyes. In the Hispanic culture they have this holiday where they make bread and there are still dolls in the bread and whoever gets the piece of bread with the doll has to make everyone tamales for a Holiday in February. Jaime and Daniela bought us this and there were 4 dolls in this one! Their 2 year old daughter got 2 of the dolls, I got one, and Sis. Stevens gone one. Well, since she went home and since I don't know how to make tamales... guess I am going over their place so they can teach me! ;)

Sis. Stevens had to drop her bike off in Conway on our way to zone meeting. Well.. it didn't fit in the trunk. So we had to sit cross legged the whole way down. :)

Jaime, Daniela, and Elizabeth, the coolest investigators ever! This is who we celebrated Dia De Reyes with, they pushed the wedding date back to April, because their family is working on getting Visas from Mexica, but then after that they are planning on getting married and going to the temple!

We had dinner with Sis. Ruby Montegnese this week who is deaf. Sis. Stevens signed her testimony in sacrament last week and we got her n umber and text her and she invited us over for supper! She taught us some sign, gave me a sign name which is the letter C up by my mouth (I think its for like smile or something), and signed to us some of her experiences. Her nephew was there and he helped translate for us when we didn't understand. Her testimony is amazing. She has had so many trials in her life, but she has always had such strong faith in God and He has helped pull her through cancer, going blind, losing her husband, and being deaf. She is such an example to me! She made me cry just listening to some of her experiences.

Marcy fed us this week. She is another great example in my life of accepting Gods will and changing.

Ashley Allee, one of our recent converts, informed us that they are moving to Texas :( So we had to take a goodbye pic.

Love this family!

Love the Judds! Sis. Stevens was saying lots of goodbyes so I thought I might as well take pics with them all too! Sis. Judd gives the best hugs! And Bro. Judd is hilarious!

LOOK AT MY CUTE PLANNER!!!! I love it. :) Families can be together forever, that is the goal!

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