Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ben Got Baptized!!

So this week was exciting :) It first started out in Little Rock with Sis. Ives visiting less actives, recent converts, and investigators. It was a great time! We played ping pong with the missionary crew in little rock and then signs which was a lot of fun. We tried to play chairsketball but 2 of the office rolley chairs broke :( it wasn't us though. Wednesday I got my new comp. and she is awesome! She is so smiley and bubbly and is going to teach me a lot :) So since she leaves the mission the same time I do I think I will only be in Russellville for 5 more weeks :( But its all good. I have been here for a good minute ;) We drove back down and it was back to work. We had dinner with Bro. Bruce, went and watched the restoration video with Lindsey, Kelsey, Zach, (who came to church Sunday) and Cole which was awesome, then had the usual correlation meeting and met with Ben one last time to finish teaching him and preparing him for his baptism. 

The rest of the time was spent visiting people, and making plans for Bens baptism. I cant believe  how fast this baptism was. I think we taught him everything in 4 visits. But he was so ready! It is so neat how God puts people in your path when they are ready to act. The members helped us out a lot with the baptism and I am so grateful for them! Bens whole family who are recent converts came up for the baptism and his dad baptized him! It was so awesome to really see how the gospel does bless FAMILIES!!!!!!!! 

Saturday was super busy because there was a baby shower, bridal shower, getting everything set up for the baptism, katie taking us out to eat, getting the interview figured out, and I swear something always goes wrong on baptism days. Its like no matter how much you plan and how ready you are, something goes wrong. The baptismal programs that we usually use got erased off the computer, the nob to twist the drain so the font fills up was broke, but the elders helped a lot. And everything worked out just great! 

Some other fun highlights of the week. We were contacting a spanish referral and she was totally holding a dead chicken the whole time we were talking. it had like blood gushing out of its head. it was sick! we also saw a lady beat up her husband as he was trying to get in his car outside of a different girls house. sis. dube totally went up and stopped the fighting. it was awesome. oh the things we do as missionaries ;) 

Well, dont have much time because we went and helped move someone in with the elders and now they are all yelling at me to finish so we can go play frolf because its like 65 degrees! But everything is going good. 

Love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

Spanish missionaries in LR. When I was with sis. Ives for a few days because her comp. and mine both went home so we stayed together until transfers. It was so good to be my first area again and see everyone!

sis. foster!!!!!!!!! she came out with us. it seems like just yesterday that we would go and do visits with her. cant believe its been a year. love her!

Got to see Madelyn, one of my recent converts in LR. She took us out for hot chocolate. She looks so much older. I have missed her!

La famillia HERRERAS :) de Little Rock. love them! I had not even met the baby yet so that was fun.

sis. hernandez had sis. Ives and I over for dinner! It was delicious as always. man. I just miss people from LR so much!

Got to see Madelyn, one of my recent converts in LR. She took us out for hot chocolate. She looks so much older. I have missed her!

My cousin left me :( but we were pretty excited because at transfer meeting they announced that we now have EL NUEVO TESTAMENTO en espanol! Wahoo!!!!!!!! So now we can carry this around with our Libro de Mormon and as them as 1 in our hands ;)

This is the new sister spanish missionary. She is awesome! she is originally from the philippines. sis. ives is going to be SUCH a great trainer. I LOVE THEM BOTH!

my new comp! Sis. Dube is awesome! She is from zimbabwe but moved to england when she was 12.

I have always wanted a picture by this which is on the way to the stake center. I finally got one :)

Katie (Danville's recent convert) took us out to eat the other night. Her conversion story is so cool. That is one thing I love about being a missionary is how many cool stories I get to hear and how people came to find out that they know these things are true. I know that I came to AR for a reason on my mission because so many people have taught me.

Ben got baptized!!!!!!!!!! This was his family who drove in from Oklahoma. They are recent converts over there in OK. And sis. stevens played a fun surprise visit :)

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