Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well... guess who came this week??????? SISTER WARNER!!!!!!!!! I guess thats not really her name anymore... But I just have a hard time calling her Ashleigh. She is just as beautiful as ever. She came for Keriannes wedding but was in Russellville for a few days. It was weird having her over, it was like I was living in 2 complete different worlds. Mission world, and real world. Not sure if I am ready for the real world yet... Sis. Warner said the weirdest thing about it is not having someone with you for 24/7. That is going to be a skruggle. But it was so good seeing her! Haha and she sat by me during Spanish sacrament meeting and went to bear her testimony and she totally set her gum on my skirt! Haha I love that girl ;) I love being able to bear my testimony twice each fast and testimony meeting. The blessings of serving in English and Spanish. It was funny because sis. Dube got emotional when she shared her testimony in English and I was fine but in Spanish it totally flip flopped. Haha I totally lost it up there ;) I just am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to come here and I know the the Lord knows me and knows that I needed to be HERE to know these amazing people and have their testimonies touch me. I have learned so much that I would never have been able to learn anywhere else. My perspective on life has completely changed! A members testimony really touched me this week when she said, "Just look at the big picture!" We need to remember why we are here, to prepare to meet God. And how do we do that? The simple things like reading the scriptures daily, praying, going to church. Sometimes they seem so simple that we make them more complicated than they need to be ;) Yes we are here to enjoy and have fun too but we need to remember the bigger picture always and strive to be like Christ in all times, all things, and all places :) And the best thing about being a missionary is we get to represent Him and strive each and every day to be better and help others come unto Him. 

So some interesting experiences this week. We were on bike week and we always seem to meet the most interesting people on bike week, probably because we talk to everyone. We met a guy that invited us to his birthday bbq on the weekend and then had us put our hands up against his and said, "do you feel that? I used to have 6 fingers." Awkward! And then he started talking about human trafficking and how sis. Dube would go for 50 but I would go for 70 because of my long hair. Even more awkward!!!! not even sure what that's supposed to mean ;) Oh the people we meet on our missions ;) We also talked to some guy that didn't speak any English at all! I think he was like Japanese or something. Sis. Dube was just trying her best to communicate with this man. she just kept pointing to her tag and saying MISSIONARIES and pointing to the picture of Christ in the Book of Mormon and saying JESUS. It was hilarious. I wish I could have been recording. We gave him a card with a website on it though so I hope he checks it out and can actually understand ;) I am so grateful that I can at least speak Spanish ;) Right before we went on bike week we took the car to one of our investigators house Carolyn and lees and dropped off a talk for them in the mailbox, His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. We didn't want to take it to the door because it was early in the morning (for them, they are an older couple) so we just left it in the mailbox. Well we called her a few days later and she said, "Don't you know that's against the law?" oops... missionaries accidentally breaking the law here ;) We had a good lesson with them at the Plumbs. I am so grateful for all the members help :)

We made our own homemade salsa this week! We taught the D&C class for the Spanish branch Saturday night, we had sports night and Chino came! I scored 2 goals, I am getting pro ;) and we had some awesome lessons at Laporsias house! Tamaneesha is getting baptized on Saturday. She is 8 and super excited :) 

Quote of the week: "The capacity of Christ is to serve others a midst our own trials" - sis. Watts

Well... I love yall! Have a great day! :)

Look at the cute puppy we found while we were biking and sharing the gospel :)

Just riding over the tracks!

There are so many trains in Russellville, so we had to get a few pics to remind us of them. ;)

Self-timer... I promise we were being safe. ;)

Our homemade Mexican meal ;) Okay it doesn't look that good but it tasted great! Thanks Sis. Dube! :)

Earl received flowers and he shared them with Sis. Dube and I :) Love that old man!

All the Ninos at sports night for Cesars birthday party. He turned 2!

Pro-Mexican soccer players ;)

SISTER WARNER!!!! Aka Ashleigh and SAMANTAH! :) Love them!

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