Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It Snowed!!!

So I think this is the 1st real snow of the year for us here in Russellville. It has fallen before but hasnt actually stuck. But there is snow on the ground. Not much but still snow. Probably more ice than snow though. It is super chilly!

This week was good. We got to go out with an awesome member from the quitman ward that is preparing to go on a mission. I really shouldve done that more before I went on a mission. If any of you reading this are going on a mission, go out with the missionaries! It will prepare you so much! 

We met this real cool guy this week. We went to go see a less active and she wasnt home but we could hear that the neighbors were so my comp. was like, lets knock that door. So we did and this guy said, come on in! He said it was real  neat that we came at that time because just 2 days ago he had hit rock bottom and decided he needed to come unto Christ. He said if we wouldve come 2 days ago, he wouldnt have answered the door. He is at a point in his life right now where he wants to change. He was real excited about the message we shared. We read with him about Alma the youngers experience with repentance and how when he did repent, he felt joy! We told him thats what we do as missionaries, help them to repent and come unto Christ to feel more joy in their life. He loved the scripture and said that thats what he feels like and he wants to repent. So we told him that once we have faith, make those changes in our lives and repent, we can be baptized and with that baptism, we are washed clean! He was super excited and wanted to be baptized. So we set a date with him and  he said he was super excited to come to church. We are excited to keep teaching him! It is such a testimony to me when we meet people like that, because it shows that God really is preparing his people to receive the message of the restoration. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time and help find those people :)

And sis. dube and I got some EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! we are both getting new missionaries, and the AP's told us that one of us will be getting transferred. I think it will be me because I have been here since June, but who knows! We will find out next week. If I do get transferred, I think I will go to little rock to train a new missionary and follow up train the hermana that is there that has only been in the mission 6 weeks. So that would be lots of fun :) trio! I will be so sad to leave this place. But it will be really cool to end the mission where I started out too. ah!!!!!!! I cant wait to find out. 

I dont know if yall knew this but if you boil sweet and condensed milk in a pot for about an hour and a half, it makes caramel! Bro. Plumb told us that so sis. dube and I had to try it out while we were weekly planning! And I dont know if I have mentioned this before but I know what my all time favorite food is that I have had on my mission. TINGA!!!!!!!!!! So dang good. hna. barrera says she is going to give me her recipe. I am in heaven when I eat it :)

Sis. Plumb got asked to speak in sacrament meeting and I guess when bishop asked her to, the song "walk tall youre a daughter" came into her head so she asked pam and sidney stokes, samantha smith and I to sing it. It went well :) reminded me of camping. I miss camping! Ben also got the priesthood this sunday. He is doing so good! And you know you have been in an area for a long time when you have a high council men come up to you and notice that you have been there for a long time. We went over to have dinner last night with Marcy and her sons prayers was hilarious! "Heavenly Father, as you know I will not be eating my green beans, if it be thy will" and then he ended the prayer. Isnt that so silly? He ended up eating the green beans! I guess it was Heavenly Fathers will for him to eat them. What humility ;)

Well... I love yall :) Keep reading your scriptures every day! Remember, just like our body needs food every day or it will get weak, our spirits will get weak if we dont read the scriptures daily! 

Hermana Goudie

We were on our way to the Mccabes for dinner to have deer tacos and we found this on the side of the road. We called to see if they wanted more but they said they dont eat roadkill ;)

someone thought they were silly

teaching Ben outside the church in his truck! 


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