Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and Bike Week!!!

So this week was pretty great. We definately had a high and a low for the week. The high was that it was Thanksgiving and we got lots of yummy food from members. The low... it was bike week. And this week was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!! The night we ended bike week it was just starting to warm up and now today it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! So last week after emailing we had dinner at a members (pizza from pizza hut) and she is awesome! She takes care of a ton of grandkids and they all live together in this trailer and one of the grandkids had cancer for the past few years. She is clear now though and super cute. I think she is like 5 years old. I love her. Then we had a district meeting. I played piano. Oh and I also played in Relief Society yesterday... that was a mess because I didnt know the songs very well. We had Mcdonalds after District meeting (I love my district can I just say?) We ran into another district there and some senior couple came up and paid for our food. It was so nice of them! So we are pretty close in distance to the North Spanish Little Rock Elders and sometimes we find out that we are teaching the same people. Its a little awkward. So we both show up to Luiz's house (our top investigator but also the Elders top investigator-not sure how that works out) and we go in and teach a lesson together. All 4 of us to Luiz and his nephew Orlando. Oh I forgot to say this is Elder Dalton and Elder Ludwig-my cousin! I love him! I think we have seen them at least once everyday this last week. Because they have been helping us out a lot with our bikes and making sure we have rides to dinners and stuff and bringing us copies of the book of mormon and food and Mexican sodas and yeah. Theyre great. I think they just feel bad that they stole our car the most freezingest week of the year. But we gave them some Chicken and Dumpling soup too because we had a lot extra (which Hma. Smith and I made and it was DELICIOUS!) So anyways sometimes I get a little side tracked. Back to the lesson. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! And Luiz was going to get baptized this sat. the 7th but then he didnt show up to church yesterday :( So hopefully he can get baptized either the 14th or 15th. And same with his daughter and nephew who we are also teaching.
Weird thing happened this week. I woke up and half my face was like drooping... it was really weird. When I smiled my mouth was crooked and my cheek was like really hard and swollen. I dont know what it was but it was definately interesante. But it is back to normal now so esta bien!
We went out to eat a few times this week because it is easier on bikes. We went to Wendys and Taco Bell. We got free food at Taco Bell because they messed up our order and just let us keep the extra (blessings!!!) haha because we were both starving.
We had dinner at the Lopez's this week and it was delicious Colombian food and then also at the Franklins last night and it was the best FRIED CHICKEN I have ever eaten! It was homeade too!
The South Hermanas (Hermana Mitchell included) came to one of our lessons this week as well and it was super cool because we went in and she was saying she is catholic and will always be but we just started teaching her the 1st lesson and she was super receptive and willing to read it and accept our commitments. So that was cool. I havent been back there yet though.
Thanksgiving was great. Lots and lots of food and pie. Our district met with Pres Barrientos and the Bowen family. I loved it. We also went and sang a hymn with the South Hmas at one of their investigators.
We got stopped by a black guy this week who wanted our number. That was great. We also got invited to go to a different dinner with the English Pinnacle Mountain missionaries. It was in the nicest neighborhood I have ever seen! It was like insane how huge and fancy these houses were! it was so crazy though because the last 2 weeks all I have seen is trailer parks mostly... The house we ate at was with some members in their beautiful home and they reminded me of Dawn and Henry. They fed us leftovers from Thanksgiving so like I said I have eaten a lot this week!
So Hermana Smith is getting transfered this week. No it is not problems with me but some other personal problems so I am getting a new comp. probably tonight and she has only been out one more transfer than me... we will see how this goes. Well that is it for the week. Love you all!
Hermana Goudie

Chicken dumpling soup! Homemade. So good.

Bike Week in the freezing cold!

Under the freeway!

Dinner with Pres. Barrientos

Dinner at the Bowens

Los Elderes Y My Primo Elder Ludwig!

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