Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Esta Semana Fue Muy Loco!!

Hola mis amigos! Como estan? So this week was absolutely crazy!!!!!!! It just kept getting better and better each day. Definately a week to remember out here in good old Arkansas! But one thing I can tell you. The gospel is true and God answers prayers! 

Well, this week we were able to teach Rosa and Hugo about the Restoration and they were really receptive to it. We were there for awhile and for some dumb reason decided to walk there (we were on bike week this week and didnt realize how long of a walk it was) and by the time the lesson was over it was like 830 and we wouldnt have made it back home for like an hour. They were so nice and offered us a ride! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the sweetest and I really feel like they are ready to accept the gospel. We are teaching them tonight and I cant wait to see them. God is preparing people right now and I think these 2 are ready. 

We had Zone Conference this week (for all the missionaries in Arkansas) and it was awesome! We had lots of speakers and yummy food that all the moms from the stake who have sons out on missions made for us and we got presents from the relief societies and I also got a new skirt! The sisters did a clothing exchange. We had a talent show and Hermana Johnson, Mitchell, Howton y yo sang the words of Josephs Smiths first prayer to the tune of Come thou fount en espanol and it was so fun! We also sang with all the other spanish missionaries the Arkansas Mission song in Spanish. And we watched Ephraims Rescue. It was good! And I felt cool because I know James Gaisford! And Adam Deitlein. 

After conference we went on exchanges so I went with the sis. training leader sis. Christensen and stayed over at her place for a night and went teaching with her for a day. In english. It was so weird! I realized that I actually do know how to teach and talk to people its just I need to learn Spanish... 

The Hansgens sent me a package! So if you read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! 

Also, I am getting fat. Okay. Not really. But dont worry I am getting fed plenty over here and especially with it being Xmas I am eating lots of treats. 

So like I said before this week was bike week and can I just say it was crazy! The first few days were beautiful weather but then it started to downpour and what did we do? Bike in it! It was actually pretty fun the first day because it wasnt cold at all. But by the end of the first day on our way home we were getting soaked and we had to bike through a river to get home (everything was flooding). It was fun! I survived and my shoes arent even ruined I dont think... We couldve filled up to buckets full of water from our clothes that night we got home. I also almost got eaten by a dog this same day but let me tell you God answers prayers. I dont think I have ever prayed so hard in my life. It was chasing us on our bikes and it was SO scary.  We got to try Papusas this week Our alarm didnt go off one morning so we woke up an hour and a half late... we had a less active make us yummy fish tacos and we learned how to make tamales. Hma. Foster is awesome and drove us all around the second day it was pouring rain (which I am so grateful for because it was super cold) and they also fed us dinner. We taught Luis about baptism and he better be getting baptized soon because he already know s everything! JULIA CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes so awesome. We sang in church yesterday the south hmas and us and hma. franklin and I played piano in sacrament because no one was there to play. Sorry this last paragraph was so scattered but I am out of time... Overall it was a crazy week! 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Goudie

Note from mom:  I was chatting with Chanty today and I had asked her a yes and no question and her response to me was: "Yes ma'am. They say that here in the South. To everyone. I am not trying to be rude that is common courtesy here."  I thought that was so cute :)  I will love it if she comes back saying, "Yes ma'am!"

The beautiful park we ride through!

Sis. Christensen on exchanges. We lit a leaf pile on fire. They live at a members and they wanted
to burn it so we did!

The night we biked through a river. You can't tell but I am dripping wet!

Making tamales with the Lomas familia.

Eating home made fish tacos. Dad they were so good and spicy! You would
have loved them!

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