Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Freezing Week!!

Hola mis amigos! 

Well this week was awesome. And freezing. And slow. But still good! I got a new companion. She is SO cool! I seriously love her SO much. Her name is Hermana Howton and she is from California and has been out only one more transfer than me. I am so glad to have her as my comp. 

So last P-day we went to Chick Fil A with the South Hermanas. It was so good! Then we went to the mall and shopped for a bag for Hma Smith and lotion for the other Hermanas. It was super fun!

Oh something I forgot to mention last week was that Elder Ludwig gave me a blessing last week when Hma Smith was leaving. It was so cool. I love him! Am I allowed to say that? I mean he is my cousin and everything... 

Those packages were AWESOME mom! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I loved them so much! As I was opening it and looking at everything I could not believe how perfect it all was. Everything, literally everything in it I had been craving for the past week or told my comp. how much I wanted that and then it was all in the package. Thank you so much! I cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Preach my Gospel case is so cute and the jewelry is perfect. I even bought hamburger and a box of Hamburger helper earlier that day so I could make hamburger helper. 

We had dinner at a recent converts house this week. She made mole which is chicken in a chocolate sauce. It was good. Hermana Howton made breakfast for me this week too. She is just so cute. We definately did not go hungry this week because of all the yummy food in the package. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

So we have done lots of Spiritual Harvesting (like tracting) We taught some pretty cool lessons this week. We have like 3 top investigators that we love and hopefully they will be baptized because they are so cool. 

We went to Wendys after one of our lessons with the Elders this week and Alfredo (a recent convert) bought us dinner. He is so cute! Oh and by the way I fixed my straightener. I bought some duck tape and it works now. 

So these last 3 days we have had to stay inside all day because the weather and roads are so bad. The whole town shut down. Even the McD's by our house. The roads are just covered in ice. It is bad. So we have had decorated our apartment and made yummy food and studied a lot. However we did walk to the church two times and made dinner with the 4 North Elders and watched the Christmas Devotional which was super cool. 

Something really cool this week though. We were able to go out during the day for a few hours but we had to walk but all of our people live really far away. So it takes us like an hour and a half to get to our investigators apartments. But we walked to our investigator Julia (we have taught her once before) and we read some scriptures about baptism and the gospel of Jesus Christ with her and then after I felt prompted to ask her to be baptized. AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! We said that we have a service on the 21st and asked her to prepare for that date and she said she will try and when she feels ready she will be baptized. SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! The gospel is true and the Spirit is so cool and is able to speak through you and I am just realizing how cool it is when you speak by the spirit. 

Church was cancelled this week. We went to lunch at the Branch Presidents house though on Sunday (yes it is kind of silly that he cancelled church but then lets us come over for lunch) but we did have sacrament at their house.

Well that is about it for this week. I love you all so much! 

Hermana Goudie
Chick Fil A!

La Familia Goods

La Familia Izaguierre. Luiz is getting baptized next week!!!!! He is in the brown. He is so cute!

Me with my HUGE packages.

With all my treats. I have the greatest mom in the whole wide world.

Hermana Howton and I getting ready to go out in the cold.

WE are frozen.

Everything is frozen here.

Walking to go teach.


La Familia Barrientos

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love reading these, and seeing that radiant smile of yours! Love, love, love you - mighty hugs!