Monday, November 25, 2013

First Week In Arkansas!!!!!!

Where to start? I have like 10 minutes to write this so lets see how far I get. This week has felt SUPER long. I dont know why. But it has been really hard but fun too. I have had my struggles but thats what a mission is right? 

SO real quick. I was sent to North Little Rock and there are 8 missionaries in my district. 4 Elders who are awesome and 4 Hermanas including Hermana MITCHELL!!!!!!!!!!! (I love her SO much). My first day here we took my bags (3, 2 weighing 50 pounds and one 40) all the way up the stairs to the 3rd floor to where we live. That was fun. Also my bike and 2 boxes too. MY BIKE IS AWESOME! I love it so much. I havent had to ride it yet which is a good thing because it has been FREEZING here and has rained almost everyday. Despues we went straight to work. We went to this trailer park Shackleford Trailers and went knocking on doors known as Spiritual Harvesting where we pick a house and knock and tell them who we are and ask to leave them with a prayer of peace and a blessing upon their home and family (all in Spanish) and ask to come back. Its pretty cool. The people here are nice and let us in and let us schedule a return appt. but then when we go back they hardly ever answer their doors. Every door here has pics of Jesus. Its awesome. Its a good way to let them let us in because we say that we are reps. of Jesus and want to leave his peace and blessing and they let us because they love Jesus here. We were walking around there the other day and it started pouring rain and our car was on the other street down and while running to it we got SOAKED!!!!!!!!! It was the best ever.

Oh my comp is Hermana Smith. She is pretty cool. She has been here for 7 months and is waiting on her VISA to Argentina. OH I forgot to mention my first two days here I was the designated driver because she couldnt drive for some reason because her papers werent in. That was fun... But now she drives us everywhere. She is teaching me a lot. We have a nice apartment, phone, and lots of miles to use in our car. 

Food here is good. Hermana Smith and I dont like to cook much so we have had some interesting meals like cut up potatoes for dinner, tater tots, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, oatmeal, and yogurt. We did make hamburgers the other day and that was pretty good. 

The food at the mission home was awesome and we have eaten a few nights at members houses and that was DELICIOUS!!!!!!! And today I had my first catfish filet (breaded). We went out to eat and it was pretty good. It kinda just tasted like chicken.

So it is super hard to teach because I dont understand people very often. They just speak super fast. But my comp. does so thats good. But we have had some pretty great lessons these past few days. I handed out to Book of Mormons to a really cool family and asked them to read the intro and we came back and they had read it and it was super cool! We also have an investigator that has a pet squirell! Crazy huh? 

We had a Thanksgiving party at the church the other night and two of our investigators came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO cool! And then we also had one of our investigators come to CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that is super hard to do but we did it! Church was good. I understood most of it. There is this cute little girl Tiffany (the family with the squirell) that wanted to come to church so bad and was begging her dad and he just kept saying we will see but they didnt end up coming :( Ah!!!!!!!! I already have to go. TIme goes so fast! I love you all! 

Hermana Goudie

In the mission home. Isn't it beautiful?

Arkansas River! So pretty! :)

A blurry picture but look at the colors in the trees!

Hermana MITCHELL!!!!!! I love her. And she is beautiful.

My comp. Hma. Smith.

My bike. It is the red one. I LOVE IT!!!!!

My cute bed! :)

Part of my district and playing chairsketball. It is SUPER fun! We have rolly like
office chairs and we play basketball on them. I love it! Elder Ludwig is in there
too! My distant cousin. We played for for P-Day today.

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