Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister Goudie Has Arrived in Arkansas!

Got this sweet letter from the mission president and his wife! So glad Chantelle is safe and back in the states!

Dear Brother & Sister Goudie, 
Your daughter has safely arrived in Little Rock! We are grateful to you for raising your child such that she is worthy to serve as a full time missionary. 
We promise to watch over Sister Goudie while she is in our care. We will love her and do all within our power to keep her safe and happy. We want the next 18 months of her life to be a positive, life changing experience. 
Thank you for taking the time to share with us some insights into your daughter’s personality and life experiences; it is very helpful as we counsel with her and make companionship assignments. She was thrilled and touched to have your first letter awaiting her arrival at the mission home. 
Missionary work is difficult but is also extremely rewarding. Miracles happen on a daily basis. We will quickly get her to work so she can experience the joys of sharing the gospel and serving others. 
Thank you for sharing your daughter with us for a short time and entrusting her care to us. We will love her for eternity. We promise that great blessings will come to her and to you as she magnifies her call as a full time missionary. It is truly a great honor and blessing to share the gospel and serve the Lord every day in every way. 
With Love and Gratitude,
President and Sister Petersen 
P.S. Attached is a photo of your newly arrived missionary!

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