Monday, November 18, 2013

Arkansas, Here Comes Hermana Goudie!!!!!!!

ITS ALREADY HERE???????!!!!!!??????? What? How can this be? I really cannot believe my time here in the CCM is almost over... It feels like I just got here but at the same time if I think back of my time before the mission it seems like forever ago. Its weird. But I am super excited to head out into the field. And a little nervous (okay maybe a lot nervous) to be teaching real people instead of teachers. CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I really am stoked though. Its going to be the best. 

So this week went by really fast. Well I guess I only emailed on Wednesday but still. I dont know if I mentioned this last week but we got a new branch this week because our last branch dissolved (we were the last district left). So this Sunday we went to a new Sacrament meeting and we were apart of branch 11 district D instead of branch 9 district C. Not like the letters and numbers mean anything to those reading. But before Sacrament we all met with our new Branch Presidency, the Jewells who are a senior couple from Utah, and they just wanted to get to know us. So we started off this meeting with the usual song and prayer. We sang Nearer my God to Thee because my district loves that song and we sing it quite often. At the end of the song Hermana Jewell was amazed at our great musical ability and our beautiful harmonies. She then said that she wishes we could do the musical number for Sacrament but there was already one prepared from another district. As soon as Sacrament started Pres. Jewell came up to the district in front of us and told them that they will do their musical number next week and then proceeded to coming to us and saying that he wanted us to do the musical number. Cool huh? We didnt have any time to practice who was going to sing what so we decided to do what weve done in class before with this song. I think I might have mentioned that last week we started this thing where a few Elders sing a verse while the rest of us hum and then other Elders sing the second verse and the rest hum and then lastly Hermana Murri and I sing while the Elders hum. Its awesome. So thats what we did. And then the 4th verse we all sang together. So pretty much my district is the best. Thats all ;) And Im humble about it too ;)

Sunday afternoon we got to watch the Testaments. I had never seen it. But a lot of teachers and people in seminary from high school said that I look like the girl from it. The movie was awesome and I didnt really think that I looked like her but sure enough after the movie I had 7 people come up to me and tell me that I looked exactly like the girl from the movie. It was pretty funny. Sunday night Pres. and Hermana Jewell had us and the other district from the branch that is leaving this week over for ice cream and chocolate banana cake. It was delicious! They gave us some wise words of advice. 

Today the Elders gave us blessings. It was amazing. They priesthood is SO cool and blessings are THE BEST. It was a blessing of peace and comfort and it was just what I needed. Elder Hazard gave it to me (our district leader). 

Because this was our last week things were getting a bit crazy with the game what are the odds. There is a whole section of the Comodor where you can go and make peanut butter and Jelly or honey or nutella sandwiches and our table (hermana Murri, Pettit, Overy, Mama, and Lyman) did what are the odds that hermana lyman and mama go and take a whole jar of peanut butter and nutella and a whole loaf of bread for the sandwich making station and bring it back to our table. Our table was like the furthest away too from this station so they had to walk all the way through the other tables of missionaries with this and it was hilarious! Everyone was giving them the weirdest looks. 

So while I am sad to leave this place, I have learned so much here and am excited to use what I have learned in Arkansas to teach real people. So... goodbye Mexico! I really hope to come back here someday. It is beautiful! :) Love you all! Next email will be from Little ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love, Hermana Goudie

Enjoying the last of my package! Loved these SO much. And yes. Elder Medling is
creeping in the back.

Our table that I described in my Email. Everyday we would do something
crazy. I am going to miss this!

Just some hermanas that are leaving this week. This was after singing hasta ver
(God Be With You Till We Meet Again) each week those leaving get in a big circle
in the comedor and sing this. It's awesome.

New branch presidency with Hermana Coleman as well.

Our favorite teacher! 
We are a little crazy. This was at our last devo last night.

The Hermanas in mi casa. We all leave this week. SO SAD! :( I will miss us.

Weird statue right outside the CCM.

Last distric pics with Hermana Coleman and Hermano Smith

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