Monday, November 17, 2014

It Snowed!!

So, it was a bit cold this week. And it snowed last night. So that was exciting. Except for the fact that we will be walking this week... hopefully it will warm up a bit so we wont be frigid or get frostbite or something ;) 

So we met the COOLEST PEOPLE this last week. Seriously like we have been praying hard to find those that God has prepared to listen to the message of the restoration and guess what? We have found them :) It was hard at first because I felt like we were working hard but didnt really have anyone solid. But we definitely do now! Our work pays off. We just have to keep going even though it might be difficult and we sometimes dont see the light at the end of the tunnel. These people we met will get baptized I know it! And it is because the Lord prepared them and put them in our path and guided us to them. 

Last Monday we were going around knocking doors during our what used to be P-day hours but not for the month of November because we are sacrificing our time and we decided to knock one of the referrals that we got from a referral from the english Elders and their next door neighbors is the branch presidents house (ask me how I know that? yeah... we got a little bit mixed up and I accidentally thought they were the referral and it was a big suprise when Hna. Hernandez answered the door... I wasnt expecting to find mormons at this house ;)) but so we met Jaime and Daniela, the investigators real house and they were kinda busy at the time but we prayed with them and asked when we could come back and he was like, "How about tonight?" and we were like... okay!!!!!! It was awesome. So then we went back later that night and you guys. They are the most elect people I have ever met in my whole mission!!!!!!!!!! He asked us, is it a sin to live together without being married, and we were like... yes... and we didnt know if we would be invited back but good thing the Spirit was there because then we read Alma 7 with him and afterwards we were like "Que piensan?" And they were like, well... I think that we need to get married and get baptized. He said he wanted to do it all that night but we had to explain to him that we didnt have the priesthood. So we are excited to continue teaching them. In his prayer he said, "Este es lo que estaba esperando" (this is what I have been waiting for) and then when we handed him the book of mormon he said "this can change my life." He already wanted to go out with the missionaries and tell other people about this church. It was so cool! I got out of the lesson and was just like, did that really just happen? It was super cool! And they will have so much support from their neighbor, the branch president and he will help them get married and they are so excited to go to the temple already. Man, I love being a missionary :) 

We also got a referral from the Dardenelle sisters. It was a girl that called the mission office and requested missionaries. Her mom and brother just joined the church a little less than a year ago in Arizona. She is going through some tough times right now but we have been over everyday since we met her and have been teaching her at the hotel that she is staying at. It is a bit of a different situation because her 3 kids are crazy and there is only one small room to teach in so usually one of us teaches or reads from the BofM with her while the other one plays a game with the kids. But it is awesome! She is ready too. Her and her family came to church along with the other Ashley that has a date for the end of November. Church was a bit hectic trying to get everyone where they needed to be. But it was good :) I love when we are busy with missionary work! 

Well, I just want yall to know that I know that this is the Lords work and that He is preparing the hearts of men to recieve this message. We just have to be dilligent and obedient and we will see miracles! The gospel is true. The Savior loves us. Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

I love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

We did some service for Hna. Barrera and helped her move some of the stuff in boxes out of her house and we found a surprise in one of them...

Never put the Elders in charge of anything ;) haha just teasing. But seriously... they always forget that it takes 3 hours to fill the font. They had baptism this weekend and 20 mins before the baptism it wasn't full enough so we had to do the trolly of filled water pitchers AGAIN because they forgot AGAIN ;) It was hilarious. ;)

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