Monday, November 24, 2014

I Burned My First Candle!We had to blow dry the car

So... we had mold in our apartment this week. That was fun. It has actually been there for a very long time... but they finally came and took care of it. There were cardboard boxes that had gotten wet from when our toilet leaked and it got the boxes wet which made mold get in the walls... it was nasty. We cleaned it out and I found sis. Petersons tree from last year and so we decorated. #Christmasisnear! They do a Xmas parade here in Russellville. I hope I am still here for that. 

Veronica gave me some lighters and I have been burning the candle that Earl gave me for my bday. The things you do on your mission:  burn a candle. check. It always smells really good in the apartment. 

So we have been on walk week this week. It actually hasnt even been that bad. It hasnt been too cold and the members have been awesome about taking us places. After Bro. Walter Smith found out that we walk around late at night in the dark he brought it up in ward council and said that that is not acceptable and he would not want his daughters walking around at night when its dark (although its kinda just part of missionary work) and he said that they need to sign up for a day that they can drive us around that night. Just this cute little old grandpa looking out for us :) so we were very appreciative of that because Im sure the members have a lot of other important things to do besides driving us missionaries around. 

And guess what we had on Tuesday? Specialized Training! And it was combined with the Little Rock stake so I got to see everyone on this side. That is one thing that is sad about this mission is that we dont ever get to see everyone in the misison. You only ever get to see half the mission. But it was good enough for me. I got to see sis. Warner :) and Johnson (who is leaving next week) and the Spanish Elders in little rock who are also leaving next week (E. Ramirez and E. Castaneda). It was super cool because I got to be there to hear their departing testimonies which I didnt think I would be able to. There are 37 missionaries leaving the mission next week. Crazy right? a quarter of the mission. So many areas will close. Hey, but we might be able to have longer carshares which means less bike weeks! hopefully. But it is so sad. This is the start of the Spanish sisters leaving. We lose 3 this transfer, 2 next transfer, 2 the transfer after that, and then me and the last 3 the transfer after that and then there will be no more spanish missionaries. Isnt that sad? I heard we arent getting any more until after I leave... super sad.

After specialized we went on exchanges. I went to Morrilton with sis. Todd. We had a great time and had an intense lesson with one of their investigators who got baptized. the next morning we helped move the furniture out of the hazlewoods apartment (the senior couple that lived across from them) and then E. Bowling the senior elder in the mission office took us out to eat. So that was super nice :) Coltons is delicious.

We had some good lessons with our investigators that will be baptized next month! We also had the Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday with the ward and branch and it was crazy! There were probably over 200 people there and we had 4 investigators there. 2 english and 2 spanish. super cool! It was really stressful though trying to make sure they were all situated and meeting members. It was an awesome turnout and the food was delicious! 

Ashley seemed like she was on board for getting baptized this saturday when we sat with her at the activity but then she didnt come to church yesterday so we will have to push it back a week. Jaime and Daniela came to the activity and after it was over we did a church tour with them. we should them the baptismal font and his little daughter pushed the door behind him and moved him towards the font and then someone playing soccer back behind us kicked the ball and it hit the back of him and pushed him towards the font and he was like, "okay fine. I will be baptized. everyone is trying to tell me. come on lets fill the font up." it was funny :) 

Well, I am excited for the car to be back and for this week because we are going to work our butts off and help prepare these awesome people we are teaching to be baptized. I love yall. The gospel is true. We are fixing to walk to the store to pick up some groceries. #bikeweek

Con amor,
Hermana Goudita

We had to blow dry the car last week because it was turning to ice after we washed it.


Saying Goodbye to the Mexicans. I will miss them!

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