Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Well, I hope yall watched and enjoyed conference! I loved it so much! Conference is so exciting!!!!! That is something I have really realized being out here on the mission is that conference is such an exciting time of the year. We can receive the guidance and direction that we need. Something I love doing is writing down questions before conference starts and I always get the answers to them. It is super cool. I love feeling the Spirit when our prophet stands up and speaks and when his apostles speak just testifying to me that this is Christs restored church on the Earth today. I cant remember who said it but there was one quote that I really liked. "When making decisions today, you must look to the future" or something like that. It just helped remind me that I need to keep an eternal perspective. I also was reminded that we are here to be tried and tested. This life is not supposed to be easy, because if it were, we would never grow. We are required to walk by faith and trust in the Lord to lead us out of difficult situations and as we do so we will find happiness and joy and be on the path to eternal life. I love conference! 

Another super cool experience this week. So we were going to go and visit Earl, our recent convert, and on our way there we passed by a former investigator, Chino. He was outside and I saw him and said, "Chinos outside." We got to Earls and then I was like, hey we need to go visit him. So then I turned the car around and went and talked to Chino and Hno. Barrera was outside with him and they were working on a fence. Hno. Barrera just told him straighup that he needs to get baptized and we asked what his concerns were and thanks to the help of the scriptures and the Spirit and Hno. Barrera we were able to overcome his concerns and he accepted an invitation to baptism and we set a date! It was super exciting and he really had changed from the past times I have been to teach him. He is ready this time.

Friday night Hna. and Hno. Barrera asked us to go over with them Saturday morning to help clean their house so that him and his mom who is a member but hasnt been to church in years would come to conference. So we went and guess who came to conference?????? His mom and chino!!!!! It was so exciting! It is so neat to see how much of a difference the members can help the work and when we work together there are miracles. Chino came to the Saturdaymorning session too. I am so excited to help him gain his own testimony of the restored gospel and of the Book of Mormon. 

And speaking of the Book of Mormon, I am still doing good on my 30 day challenge! The Book of Mormon is so cool! It is so neat to see how the Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religion. I know it is true and I know that it helps us understand the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully. It brings so much hope and guidance into my life. 

Well I love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

Our Lovely District!! Last District meeting with the Hansens. :(

Yeah I know it has already been a year but I thought this sign was funny.
At a baptist church.

Our investigator Mary that just dropped us, due to a lack of a testimony of Joseph Smith :(
Took us out to her property. She is hilarious.

Got to hold this cool little lizard this week! When we were camping out at a
less actives house during a tornado warning.

Just messing around at Walmart today. Got to include the Jicima!

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