Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elder Zwick!

Very exciting things are happening over here in Arkansas :) 

So this week we had a meeting with Elder Zwick of the 70 and it was awesome. He talked a lot about how we should be teaching the members friends in their homes and it was such a testimony to me because that is exactly how we found, taught, and baptized Earl. If it werent for the Plumbs introducing us, being at every lesson, and inviting them into his home to be taught, we never wouldve found him and been able to baptize him. Members make all the difference and it was neat to have Elder Zwick pinpoint that as well and share that with the members who also were at the meeting. Hopefully we will be able to be teaching a lot more referrals in members homes. 

And there was some also exciting stuff that he announced. He told us that by December we will FOR SURE have IPADS!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped! It is going to be so useful to be able to share videos with investigators, to have English and Spanish scriptures and pamphlets with me at all time, Preach my Gospel, the Area Book, everything will always be with me. It is super cool. We will also be able to email from it and Skype and take it home with us after our missions are over. So I am pretty excited. But the coolest thing is that God and the leaders of the church are trusting us enough to let us have these and use these because they know what great of a tool they are in missionary work. Technology is so cool and can be used for so much good if we use it in the right way. 

So because we had Elder Zwick all day long on Tuesday, last Monday a member drove us down and we were able to sleep over with the Little Rock Spanish sisters. I love being in my old area. It was so beautiful and brought back so many memories. Some other awesome/interesting experiences:

1. Earl need help shaving his sideburns, definately didnt think I would ever do that on my mission... 
2. The womens conference this last weekend :) IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!! I hope you all watched it. Mary was able to make it to that which was so exciting. She wore a wig (because her hair was grey) and it looked beautiful on her. We had soups and desserts before the broadcast. Jasmine also came. I loved the spirit there as we watched the conference. It just was a testimony to me that we really do have a prophet and that this is Christ restored church. I am so excited for general conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
3. Had exchanges with Morrilton sisters. I went with sis. Todd. she came here. 
4. Met some man that told us he baptized himself in the pool next to his house and he told us, "it worked too!" he said the only thing he wants in life is money. oh he was crazy.
5. got fed chocolate gravy again last night! And tried chile relleno :)

Well thats about it folks. Love yall! :)

Hermana Goudie

We tried contacting a referral way out in the middle of nowhere. This was not the house
but it was in the front yard and we thought it was cute.

Exchanges with Morrilton Sisters :)

After Womans Conference with the Hermanas. :)

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