Monday, September 15, 2014

72 Degrees and Feeling Chilly!

Hello everyone! 

So it is starting to cool down finally. I really do like the warm so it is making me sad because that means winter is around the corner :( I walked out of the church this week and was cold and looked at the temperature in the car and it said 72... thats a lot cooler than the 100 degree weather we have had. We go on bike week this week though so the cool weather will be nice. 

This week we had a really neat experience. This whole last transfer with sis. millet we kept putting down in our plans to go see Mary (a former investigator of sis. warner) and we would try but she was never there or sick when we went. When I used to go with sis. warner she was so cute and let us in every time and give us ice cream and popsicles every time. She is about 60 years old. She is definately southern. she never could get over joseph smith and she wouldnt commit to baptism or coming to church. Well sis. millet finally got to meet her this week and we werent able to meet with her at all last transfer because she had had another skroke (thats how they say stroke here in Arkansas) and she had surgery on her eyes. But while we were in there, she asked us when we were going to be having another baptismal service because she promised God while she was in the hospital that she would get baptized. So it was super cool to see the change in her and we were able to set a date for her and commit her to church. The Lord really does prepare his people in their time. I know that to be true and I know that He softened her heart and it is so neat to be a missionary and see experiences and miracles like this. They really do exist everywhere if we have faith and open our eyes to them and expect them. 

We got to go and visit Little Rock this weekend because we had stake conference. The branch in Little Rock was having an activity that same night before stake conference started so I was able to see everyone again and it was so exciting! President Petersen would always say, "Love grows over time." And that is true. Being able to see them all again (including Luis-my first convert) was such a blessing and I felt like I loved them all even more. 

Thats about it from Russellville this week. Hope yall are doing well. I appreciate all of your examples to me! I have the greatest family members and friends. 

Love you!

Sister Goudie

Oh how I love and miss her. Can't believe she is about to have a baby!

Got to Spend the day in Little Rock with these Lovely Hermanas :)

Picini with these lovely ladies and their families after Stake Conference!

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