Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It's a short one this week...

Sorry I am out of time today. Dont kill me :( But I just wanted to tell yall that I had an amazing birthday and an awesome week. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts :) I promise I will write more next week. My companion Sis. Millet is getting transferred this week :( I will miss her. I think Sis. Stevens is coming here. Chino is planning on getting baptized on Saturday and all the Pdays in November we are going to be ending at 2 so that we can make our goal of 100 baptisms. We are learning the law of sacrifice thats for sure. 

Love yall! Thank you :)

Got to see these lovely ladies at specialized on my birthday! :) I love them!

So exciting I got to see the Fosters on my Birthday!!! Leneyah (her new baby) is stinkin cute!

Thanks yall for the lovely presents and such a great day! :)

The members here treated me very well. I am so lucky to be here. They make
me feel so loved! :) Even when they sing Las Mananitas and shove my face in the
cake afterwards. ;)

The members after Noche De Deportes

Just some more celebrating. Don't worry... we did still do lots of missionary work his week!

Love this girl!

And the amazing Leal family.

We hiked Petit Jean today. It was super fun and the leaves were beautiful. :)

Sometimes my cousin and I are a bit odd. ;)

The group at Petit Jean

Look at the pretty leaves!

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