Monday, October 27, 2014

Chino Got Baptized!!!!

Well... at the start of this week we had some goodbyes to do because Sis. Millet was leaving. And then we traveled down to Little Rock Wednesday to pick up my new companion. Her name is Sis. Stevens and she is very nice. Her spanish is super good and I know I will learn a lot from her. She goes home in January. She has never been in an English and Spanish area so it has been a bit of an adjustment but it is going good. And guess who is serving in the same area again??? Thats right. My cousin E. Ludwig!!!!!!!! His area in Danville closed so now he is in a trio with the spanish elders here E. Salazar and Shoenfeld. Crazy huh? I am just going to serve next to him my whole mission. There have only been 2 transfers where he has been a different area and I only have 3 more. So thats pretty crazy! Fun to have him here though and introduce him to everyone as my cousin (yes distantly related but still pretty cool ;)) And sis. Millet is serving with Sis. Peterson. So fun :) 

We have been working hard and trying to find someone that is ready to be baptized in November so we can make our goal of 100 as a mission. I know that if we work hard, are dilligent and obedient and trust in the Lord, he will put someone in our path that we can teach and prepare to be baptized. I really love being a missionary and teaching them about the restored gospel and eternal families. It is so exciting :) Even though at times it is difficult, if we just keep trusting and working hard, the Lord will help us find someone. 

But the most exciting part about this week is that Chino got baptized! I really am still a bit in shock that it went through this time. He has been through a few sets of missionaries now but I guess now it was just his time. The Barreras helped us a lot in helping prepare him to be baptized. They were there at every lesson with us and I know that that made the difference. I just am so glad that I was listening to the Spirit when the Lord told me to turn around and go see Chino when we passed him outside. God really does answer prayers and when we are listening he will guide us to where we need to go. But we cant be afraid to act on those promptings he gives us. We just have to act on them even when we might not know what to say. The words will come if we are doing what we need to be doing :)  

Well we are going on walk week this week. My companion had an accident awhile ago and she cant ride her bike until the end of November. So this will be a new and exciting adventure :) I am excited for this transfer and for the things that I am going to learn and for the ways I am going to grow. Thats what the gospel is all about, learning and growing :) We are ending all 4 Pdays at 2 in November to sacrifice something good for something better; to reach our goal as a mission. November here we come!!!!!! 

Yesterday the water pipe broke so we had no water at the church which means no working toilets. So we only had sacrament meeting in English and Spanish. It was sad :( But something that is super cool is that I have been praying to work better with the members and have been praying for them to have missionary opportunities. Well guess what???? There were 3 members that came up to me and said that they all had an opportunity to share the gospel with someone! Isnt that so exciting?????????? God really does answer prayers I promise :) Even though it might take awhile, in his timing, he will answer our prayers! 

Well I love yall and hope that you all can find ways to share the gospel and be examples to those around you. I promise you will be blessed for it :) Keep staying strong. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Goudie

Love this family! :) I really hope that my children will love reading the Book of Mormon and saying prayers as much as this family does.

One of the best areas!

Chino got baptized!!! And his mom came too! :)

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