Monday, February 3, 2014

Un Ontro Semana!

Hola mi familia! Como estan? This week was just a little bit crazy. I think every week that it cant get any more crazy but some how it seems to. So... last Monday we were able to construct a Ping Pong table at the church (I dont know if I mentioned that in this email last time.) and it made me so happy! I miss playing ping pong so much! And I dont know if I have ever mentioned this before but my companion is hilarious! She always does the funniest/dumbest things and if anyone else did them it wouldnt be funny but it is Hermana Howton and everything she does cracks me up SO much! Last week as the Elders were leaving we walked out with them and they handed us our baskets to our bikes from inside the car and they had put one of the Elders case with a camera in it on accident. As they were driving away, I realized that the camera was in there and yelled to the Elders and asked if they needed it and one Elder said throw it and Hermana Howton grabbed it from me and chucked it at the car like a football (she didnt realize it was a camera) and the other 3 Elders screamed and then the camera hit the car and fell on the ground. It was really funny.She felt so bad all day. The camera ended up being fine. Just a few bruises Elder Johnson said.  I hope that made sense. 

After that day it was a bit chilly so I biked home with sweats under my dress. Monday night we went to the Bowens with Oscar (the 14 year old that is getting baptized in two weeks) and had dinner and a family home evening. It was really awesome. I know that when you get the members involved in getting to know your investigators it makes a huge difference. Oscar was able to meet the Bowen kids and they seemed to really get along. We played a fun game too that Hermana Howton and I made up. It was like a guess the word (gospel words) game. 

So also this week... WE MOVED!!!!!!!!! We got a call on Wednesday night from the office and they said "Hey has President told you that you are moving apartments on Friday morning?" And we hadnt heard anything. It was a big shock! We are still in the same apartment complex just a different building. This apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is because on Feb. 12th (transfers- man I really really really hope I dont get transferred but I have a feeling that I might and I will find out next Monday...) we are going to get ASL (American Sign Language) missionaries to come and live with us... I am excited but it is also going to be a little difficult to study while they are signing and we are speaking Spanish. So we spent some time this week packing everything up and then on Friday the Elders came over and helped us move everything out. It was a process and took awhile (especially because we are on the 3rd floor and the Elders had to take our beds, washer and dryer, and other furniture down. But we made it and after today we have everything put away again (except our dryer isnt working) The apartment is nice though-it smells a little bit like smoke because the apartment under us smokes. We also had to clean it up a bit. We walked in right before moving all the stuff in and the toilets had brown stains all over and there was a dead cockroach on the ground and leftover butter in the fridge and extra utenils (we were excited about that) but after a few days of cleaning it is starting to feel more like home! 

We got to watch a broadcast of Elder L. Tom Perry this week. It was broadcast from the Memphis stake center. It was awesome! It was about getting the members involved in this work. We also went on exchanges this week. So I went to Bryant with the English sister training leaders and it was really great! And then on top of all this craziness we had to teach the Gospel Principles class this week (Sunday school-in spanish) it was really scary. But we did it. With Gods help!

Besides that we just had a great week teaching people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all! 

Hermana Goudie

Locked outside the church waiting in the cold.

After the Service Activity at the old folks home this week they had extra
balloons so we took some and decorated!

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