Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oscar Got Baptized!!!!

Hola familia! Como estan? 

This week we had transfers! So lots of changes but its all good :) I got a new companion :) Her name is Hermana Peterson. She is awesome! She came out with me but went to Provo for the MTC instead of Mexico. So I met her in November when I got to Arkansas when we slept over at the mission home. So we have the same amount of time out. Its a little bit weird because I still dont feel like I know Spanish very well at all and she doesnt either. But its alright. We are learning together! She has been in Russelville for these past two transfers and she was teaching more English and so her Spanish isnt super great but we are both hopefully going to rely on the Spirit to know what people are saying and to know how to respond...

So before transfers last week there may have been a few tears. I was so sad to say bye to Hermana Howton and felt like I didnt know what I was going to do without her because she knew so much about our investigators and the area and how to understand people that speak spanish. I am realizing now that I relied on her a lot. Oh and by the way I am the designated driver now. It is fun to drive. Looks like I havent forgotten how to drive in the past 4 months after all. Wow. That seems weird I have been out that long. It doesnt even feel long at all. All though I must admit some days my mission seems like it is never going to end but then some days like today I look back and realize that it has gone super fast. 

After the first transfer meeting we found out that we had to wait around to pick up the ASL sisters later that night (one was coming from Memphis so in this mission we have three different transfer meetings- one in N. Little Rock in the morning, one in Memphis in the afternoon, and then one again in N. Little Rock at night. Its a bit confusing.) Anyhow we had to chill up at N. Little Rock for the day while we waited for the transfer meeting at night. We went to lunch at Rosalinda and ate papusas with some of the Elders, went and visited some less actives, and went to dinner at Sis. Culwells. Then we had the meeting, picked up the ASL sisters, went home and got everything situated. I am going to have to get used to living with 4 sisters. My OCD might get to me... they are all just a little bit messy and it is hard to keep the apartment clean with 4 of us. But I told them all today that I had OCD and we had a cleaning session. so for now it is all good! But they have been teaching me some sign language which is fun :) We teach them spanish too! Or the spanish that I think I know ;) 

How was all your valentines day? We didnt do much to celebrate. We had weekly planning that went for way to long... we did get to go get free ice cream though at Burger King! Oh and guess what? We are on bikes this week... But it feels really really nice outside! It is like almost hot today. I love it! :) Sister Peterson and I ran to the Rodney Parham building today in shorts and short sleeved shorts to write emails and by the time we got here we were both very sweaty. And very out of breath. Man, I am so out of shape ;) 

So one of the most exciting things that happened this week was that OSCAR GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the 14 year old that we have been visiting and teaching for the past few weeks. His mom is a less active. We teach him in English because for some reason he doesnt like to speak Spanish. I love his family! His mom is crazy and I feel super close to her. She feels like my best friend. When I have to leave this area I will definately miss them so much! She has 2 other little boys who are adorable and she wants us to keep coming and start teaching her 7 year old so he can be baptized. Oscar is setting a great example for his younger brothers and his mom. His mom actually came to church this last Sunday! She said she is going to try to get work off so she can keep coming. But anyways the baptism. It was a bit stressful because I wasnt quite sure everything that I had to do before hand because I have never dealt with a baptism on my own and my comp. is new and the Fosters were out of town and the Elders were new and it was interesting. But we were able to get the Bowen family to give talks and I was able to figure out how to make a program and we were planning on doing the confirmation on Sunday but at the last second I was informed that Sunday was going to be branch council so we werent going to be able to do that (this was right after Oscar got baptized and we were waiting for him to come back in). So the branch president said we could do it right then and I asked his mom and she said that was fine and then the Elders came up and asked if I got the mission presidents permission and I didnt because I didnt know I had to do that so then I had to call President and he didnt answer so we called his wife and she was able to approve it for us just in time to get him confirmed after he came out. Long story not so short, he got baptized and confirmed and is a member of the church and I am so proud of him! He has been taught my multiple missionaries in the past and he finally decided to do it this time. After the baptism his mom came up to me and hugged me for a while and started crying and said "thank you so much! he finally did it." I know that sometimes conversion takes a while, like Oscar. He has had multiple missionaries who have planted that seed in his heart and sometimes it just takes time for that seed to develop. When the timing is right for them in the right circumstance, they can feel of the Spirit and know what they need to do and choose to act. Thats what Oscar did and I am so excited for him to continue forward in this gospel, to get the priesthood and someday go on a mission. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to know and meet him and see how the gospel can bless him and his families life. He is so cool! After the baptism we were able to go out to dinner with them and the guy that came from Tulsa Oklahoma (his godfather) to baptize him. This guy drove 4 hours to the baptism and 4 hours right after. Crazy! But it meant that much to him. This gospel is so true!

Well thats about it but I love you all and keep reading your scriptures and going to church or I will be so mad! Okay? LOVE YOU!

Hermana Goudie

Playing ping pong!

Last time with the P-Day group because of transfers.

Saying goodbye to the fosters. There may have been a few tears (I wasn't even
leaving! ;) haha).

Adios Hermana! She went to Monticello (2 hours away). But she is still in my zone so I will
 see her on Wednesday!

Mi Nueva Companera! Hermana Peterson!

Oscar got baptized!!!!!!

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