Monday, February 10, 2014

This Week...

This week was awesomely crazy! There were some pretty great storms this week. One was when the trees and everything possible had icicles on them and everything looked beautiful! the second was there was actually a snow storm!!!!! It was awesome and a bit scary. So I will just tell you now. The night we had the snow storm sis. Howton and I were worried we weren't going to get up the hill to our apartment (it is very steep and the roads were already super slippery and our car is only 2 wheel drive) and on our way down the hill that night we were sliding all over the place. The snow picked up a lot while we were out that night and we didn't know what to do. We were at the Rodney Parham church building close to our house and the Elders stopped by and asked how we were getting home and we said we really dont think it is possible to make it up the hill and they told us to sleep at the church (it was almost time to be in). We had to call the zone leaders and ask permission to stay at the church and they said that they dont think that we could stay at the church but they didnt understand how scary this hill was. The elders that we were with insisted that we dont try to go up the hill because they knew it was going to be dangerous but they told us to pray about what we should do because we were thinking about walking home. We said a prayer and right when the prayer started I knew that we were going to have to stay at the church. I really was wanting to walk home because I didnt want to sleep without my retainer and I was a little upset but I knew that it was the Holy Ghost telling me this because it is something that I wouldnt think. So I told my comp. and she said that we should call President. President told us it wouldnt be possible for us to stay at the church and he said he was going to come pick us up and take us home. About 10 minutes later we got a call and president said that we were going to have to stay over at the church because the roads were so bad and there was so many wrecks that he wasnt going to be able to get to us. So... we had a sleepover at the church that night. It was a great adventure! We slept on the cushions from the couch. I actually slept without my retainer! or at least attempted to... it was a bit cold. Anyways the next morning president came and picked us up and took us up the hill and there were 3 cars on our hill that had gone off the road and one of the went all the way down the hill and hit straight on into a huge tree. It looked very scary. But we were able to stay safe at the church and I know that God answers prayers and the Holy Ghost can tell us all things that we should do and can keep us safe. 

Another crazy experience this week. We got a call from a random lady speaking spanish and she said that her brother's wife had a premature baby and just found out that he is really sick and needs surgery (the baby) and she was wondering if there was a place we could find for the parents and her to stay while the baby gets better because they live about 2 hours away. So we were able to find a place for them (thanks to the amazing sister Foster and Barrientos) and we went to the hospital to meet them and the Elders gave this baby a blessing. We were able to see the baby and it was the tiniest thing I have ever seen. His name is Samuel and he was born at 25 weeks and weighed 2 pounds. This family is awesome and the brother and his sister are members (the brother is less active) but his wife (the mom of the baby) is not a member. We were able to help them out and pray with them and we invited them to church on Sunday and they came! They are such a cool family and I really am hoping and praying that their little baby is going to be alright. 

So Sister Howton is going to be leaving me on Wednesday :( I am staying though so that is good. I am excited to have new experiences with a new companion and to be getting the two new sign language sisters in our apartment will be fun as well. I am super duper sad that Sis. Howton is leaving though because she is SO cool! But I know that she needs to be somewhere else and this is what is best. Well. That's about all the time I have but I wish I could just tell you about all the other crazy experiences this week. The gospel is true and missionary work is awesome! 

Love you all! 
Hermana Goudie

All the trees looked like this for a couple of days!

Sleepover at the Church!


La Familia Herreras!

El Hermano Alfredo! Recent Convert that is SO cool!

Some of our favorite investigators!

La Hermana Beatriz
When President Drove us home on Saturday he told us that Hermana Howton was getting transferred so we had a few days to get pics with everyone before she heads out.

The Old Mill! It was in a part of gone with the wind. It was so cute!

At the Capitol today! Sis. Foster took us out to the Old Mill and the Capitol this morning to take pics.

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