Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Una Semana Mas!

Hola familia! Como estan? So this week went by really fast. I feel like I just had P-day. It is probably because we had a car this week. ya ni modo, after writing last week we went to the park with the Elders and played on this crazy tire swing! I will send pics of it. Other fun events: We had dinner with the Fosters twice which is always hilarious because her kids are so crazy and fun! The Bowens took us to P.F. Changs, we went to Loves Fish Market and the owner really likes the missionaries that come there so he gave us free shrimp, we went to a Guadalajara taco place with Hermana Foster and some less active man that has schitsophrenia (I dont think that is how you spell that),  went to dinner with a different member and she asked one of the Elders who is African American to say the closing prayer and referred to him as "Elder Black", and now I just realize that all of these fun events involve food. I am sorry everyone, I just really enjoy food ;) 

But more funny stories about food. So this week was Stake Conference. Last Sunday our branch found out that we were in charge of the food for about 500 people. So then all these Spanish ladies start discussing it and talking over everyone and we were all stressing out. Anyways, the food turned out great! We had arroz, frijoles, pollo, horchata, tamarindo, y tres leches :) Also because we are the only Spanish branch in the whole stake we had to sit in a different room and Elder Dalton, Elder Gonzales, and Hermana Foster had to translate. It was really interesting but it turned out just fine and we were able to understand and feel the Spirit :) The next day we still had a lot of leftover beans so they served it to our branch but they had left it sitting out all night but we alll ate them anyways!  few hours later we all got a little sick... but we are all better now! 

We did service this week at an Old Folks home. We helped pass out blankets. Those people were SO funny! They just kept saying what a good looking bunch we were and they kept telling us they didnt have any money but appreciated us stopping by. I love old people! They are so nice and a little crazy! 

Besides that, this week has been awesome! We were able to reach our goals and find 10 more people to teach! I know that God answers prayers and we could not have done it without His help! It is really hard to find Hispanic people to teach but with Gods help we can do all things! 

Last night we went to go visit Luis (who just got baptized-I love that man!) And on our way out the Angel family (who are super Catholic) were outside and told  us to come in and that they were having a birthday party for Santiago. So we went in and there was a TON of Hispanics and lots of food and they fed us even though we  had just eaten dinner with the Fosters and they were treating us like princesses. They are awesome! We shared a scripture with them and tried to get them to come to church and got a new investigator there. I am learning that you need to take advantage of every situation and talk to everyone possible! 

Well thats about it for this week. Love you all!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Goudie

Didn't know they were taking a pic. But I don't have much pics so here's this one...

The Cool tire swing at the park by our apartment! It is SO funny and slightly terrifying.

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