Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Well, this week was really hard and super awesome at the same time! We were on bike week and it was FREEZING!!!!!!!!! One of the nights it was like 12 degrees and the Elders were super nice and gave us the car to use for the night. One of the days it was raining super hard and my comp. and I were walking and we kept getting sprayed by cars. It was awesome. Another day we were riding and it was sprinkling and then from riding all the water on our jackets turned to ice! But I love this work and even in the rain or ice or snow nothing stops the Lords work from moving forward! The humidity here this week was like 100 percent every day and my hair is crazy curly. Lets just say this week I became a pro biker through puddles. We bike through a park and there are lots of puddles because through the middle of the park there is a river that floods when it rains. One of the nights we couldnt go through the park though because the bridge was completely flooded! It was really exciting. I love bike week so much! But I am so glad to have a car again :)

We did lots of spiritual harvesting this week to find new investigators. Some days it went well, other days we couldnt even get people to open their doors. One guy we tried to pray with and he tried to hold our hands during the prayer and then tried to hug us and then we were just like and then he saw us folding our arms and he did the same. It was a bit awkward. He mightve been a little drunk and then asked us for some money and said that he knew we would give him some because we were religious. Some people are just lovely! We have been working with an investigator named Irma and she is reading in the Book of Mormon and loves it and begged us to come back at the end of the lesson. I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

So I may have splurged this week and bought Red Lobster biscuits from the store. They were SO good! We also ate at the Franklins last night and had linguini. Man the members here make the best food! We have dinner almost every night this week. The members are starting to help us more and this branch is improving! 

We had a primary activity this week that the misisonaries got to help with. We each were in charge of a game and mine and hermana howtons was the cup stacking and unstacking game. I would explain it but I am sure that the few of you that read this email really dont care to know about how to play the game so I will just move on ;) After the activity we had hermana franklins baby shower that was super fun with yummy mexican food! 

So my bike sometimes likes to not work sometimes... My brakes suddenly stopped working completely and I was just starting to go down a hill and had to put my feet down to stop and go on to the grass because my brakes were completely gone. So we called the Elders because we didnt know how to fix them and Elder Ludwig was able to fix them. So they work now :) And I didnt die so thats good :) 

But the best part about this week was the LUIS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I never realized how beautiful baptism really is! We have been teaching Luis for the past 2 months and he finally was able to pick a date and be baptized! It was really stressful because the day of the baptism he didnt have a ride so we were trying to quickly find a ride for him and calling everyone we could and then the Elders said that they were going to go with a member to pick him up but they were just going to be late to church. So we called Luis to tell him and he was like "Oh I got my daughter to drive me and I am already on my way" but it was in spanish of course. So... the gist of the story is that Satan tries really hard to get people to not get baptized but if we try as hard as we can, God will provide the rest and  make it happen! I love Luis so much! The baptism was beautiful and I am just such a happy missionary :) I love being a missionary and I love seeing how the gospel really can bless peoples lives and how baptism is so wonderful! We could not have done it if it werent for all the members that came with us to lessons and the spirit that was able to testify to Luis that the gospel is true. After Luis was baptized he also got confirmed because he next week is stake conference. He just seemed so happy after his baptism!

Well, that is about it for the week. I love you all! Keep praying and reading your scriptures and going to church please! Doing those things brings the Spirit into your lives so much and I can testify to you that I know that is true! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Goudie

The rees were all covered in ice! It was so pretty! You cant really see in the picture though...
but here's a pic of me and my comp!

Primary activity and the cup game!

Hermana Franklins baby shower (she has that stuff on her face from a game)

Hermana Foster at the shower. Shes awesome. SHe is RS pres now
and she still tries to help us out always!

LUIS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look how cute he is! :)


Sorry there are so many of Luis, I just love him so much.

I just wish I could hug him. He tried to hug us after the baptism and it
made me so happy because I really wanted to hug him!

Alfredo! He got baptized about 8 months ago and his family is in Mexico and
he hasn't seen them for 2 years and wont see them for 2 more. He has two little
kids and a wife and he says he can't wait to go back to baptize them.
He only talks to his family when he can afford to buy a calling card. Alfredo
always helped us teach Luis and he is such a boss! I love Alfredo! I love being
a missionary!

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