Monday, April 6, 2015

Holy Cow!

Well folks, I cant believe that time is actually here. I have like no time at all but I did want to just tell yall thanks for your love and support. I am so grateful for my mission, for the people I met, and for the experiences I had. I know this gospel is true and I am so grateful that I was able to strengthen my testimony and help others gain a testimony. I know this church is true! 

We have a very busy next couple of days. Today we watched conference which was awesome :) and now we are doing last minute decorations with the hermanas for Daniela and Jaimes wedding today at 5 and then tomorrow after the 1st conference we will head to buffalo river so Daniela and Jaime can get baptized! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! :) I am SO grateful I had the opportunity to find and teach them and be here for when they decided that this is what they wanted to do. I am so blessed. I know Heavenly Father loves us so much, even though we dont always deserve it. He wants to give us what we want. We just need to be patient and diligent and put Him first in my life. Jaime and Daniela have taught me so much! I love them SO much!!!!!!!!!! I am planning on coming back in a year when they go through the temple. They are going to be strong members I know it! 

Then tommorrow night we will be driving down to Little Rock, yeah there will be lots of driving tomorrow. We will be spending the night with the hermanas there and then early monday morning we are off to the temple in memphis, more driving :) Then drive back to LR and spend the night in the mission home and then Tuesday I will be home! This is so weird. I sometimes still dont feel like its real and that I will get to see yall in a few days. But I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! I miss yall a lot! Keep watching conference and I will catch you on the flip side! 

Love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

Last Photo For the Blog!

Note from family:

She comes home tomorrow! Yay! Thanks for sharing her experience with us all and for all the love and support! Can't wait to hug her again!

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