Monday, December 22, 2014

Still Here in #Flippin, AR

Its a place folks. Flippin, Arkansas. Look it up. There is also a place called toad suck here in arkansas. But no. I am not in flippin. Still here in Russellville. And loving every minute :)

So this week was CRAZY!!!!!!!! We were in Little Rock for half the week. We went down on Tuesday for a girls night with all the sister missionaries on this side of the mission (that is one thing that is sad about this mission is we never get to see all the missionaries in the mission-only the ones on the AR side if we are in AR or the TN side if we are in TN) and we did nails, facials, massages, hair, and just had a great "time out" is what sis. wakolo (mission pres. wife) called it. It was lovely :) I love all the sisters here in this mission. They are just so great! 

We had our Christmas zone conference the next day so sis. stevens and I got to sleepover with sis. warner and ives which was SO FUN!!!!!!!!! We went and did work of course ;) I talked to a less active guy who I had met twice before when I was in Little Rock and he remembered me and he was like "conoce mas espanol verdad?" saying that I knew more spanish and I was like yeah! made me feel good :) because there are still days when I feel like I cant speak spanish very well. But he noticed improvement :) 

Wednesday we had zone conference! We started off with some instruction from our AP's (who lost my gps btw) and then we had a lovely homemade fancy lunch that the members provided, then we had a talent show that sis. deschaur and I sang in with the uke while the islanders from the mission and a few of the elders and other sisters danced a hula dance behind us. It was awesome!!!!!!!!! Then we watched SARATOV APPROACH!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit scary but didnt phase me too much ;) I love movies!!!!!

Thursday I went on exchanges with sis. Todd whom I love so much :) I went to Morrilton again and we had a great time! Sis. Plumb showed up at the salvation army while we were doing service. that was weird to see her there ;) but a pleasant surprise. We also got lots of frozen foods for our refrigerator which was awesome! One of sis. todds converts, Lola, fed us a delicious southern meal, #FRIEDCHICKEN! Then that night, one of Danvilles recent converts, Katie, called us up and took us out to Ihop for dinner. Man, recent converts are just the best :) They sure know how to make a sister missionary happy :)

Friday we had our investigator Rafael take us out to a Latino Market for dinner. Man, I feel like all this email is is about food. Haha ;) But Rafael is doing good! He stopped drinking coffee!!!!!!!!! yahoo!!!!!!!! Now we just need to get him to church. Speaking of church we met the coolest guy at church. His name is ben and he is ready to be baptized. A member invited him to church and he has been like 4 times already! His parents just recently joined in Oklahoma. Im telling ya, member work is the best way to find people to teach! That is where we find those that are ready to act! I am so grateful for all the members that have done missionary work here. I have seen so many miracles in this land that God has given me (Alma 26:12) and I am so grateful that I could help share the gospel with them and know that there are people still here that I can teach. I love Russellville and being a missionary :) One of the cool things about being a missionary is that you recieve so much powerful witness and revelation as you do so! 

And last night we had great time caroling with the other hermanas in the branch. Hna. sorto had the greatest idea to go caroling to our investigators houses and less actives houses. It was so fun! The Christmas spirit is just the best. I hope yall have a great Christmas and that you remember the greatest gift of all, our Savior Jesus Christ #heisthegift. Look up the video clip on if you havent. Its an awesome video! and share the gift this year by reaching out to those in need, and helping them feel of the christmas spirit. I love yall! 

Hermana Goudie

FROLF with the Elders last Pday!

E. Ludwig taken pics of me!

My favorite number!

At the Sisters "time out" giving each other massages. Love these sisters!

Sis. Deschaur has a beautiful voice. :) She invited me to sing with her during the talent show. I was honored. ;)

The islanders :) These sisters dances a hula dance behind us.

Some of my favorite sisters.

One of the best Christmas gifts I got this year was that I got to spend time with Sis. Warner. I love her so much!

My STL Sis. Todd. LOVE HER!

Sis. Randi Bowen fed us dinner on Tuesday night in little rock. It was so good to see her!

This was our lovely Xmas dinner that the members provided.

With President Wakolo and his wife. :) Merry Christmas Ya'll!

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