Monday, December 15, 2014

10 More Days! :)

Today it is like 65 degrees here. It feels lovely :) and Christmas is 10 days away and I cant wait to talk to yall. Well... here were some highlights of the week:

1. Played Frolf with the Elders last P-day
2. Got free pan at the panaderia when we went to visit our investigator. She said she wants to be baptized! But she is heading to Mexico for the holidays :( 
3. Our investigators Jaime and Daniela invited us over to cook dinner with them. It was delicious. We made chicken fettecini alfredo with MUSHROOMS :) in case yall were wondering mushroom in spanish is hongo. 
4. took a member out with us to visit Carolina at the panaderia and she said our car smelled like food and when she got out of our car she almost puked. it was pretty funny.
5. the elders in morrilton found raccoon as roadkill, took it home, and cooked it. and guess who tried it????????? I did! It was actually really good. It tasted like terriyaki chicken. e. petty and e. ford did a nice job cooking it. the pictures looked nasty though.
6. sis. Stevens accidentally said "en el nombre de jesucristo, amen" while hanging up after leaving a voicemail and then turned to me with her mouth wide open as we both realized what she just said and there was no way taking it back ;)
7. got to help Erika wrap presents for a family that wont be able to have Christmas this year :)
8. ashleys daughter freya during the middle of our lesson came up to us and said "will you scratch my toe?" love that kid! 
9. had a member ask us what we wanted for Christmas and asked what our favorite treat was. I think she was a bit surprised by our response. well... we thought about it for awhile and here was our reply: 
    1. naked mango juice
    2. avocados
    3. oranges
10. sang "O Holy Night" at the ward christmas show with samantha, tim, david and the elders and I played the uke. samantha and I also sang mary did you know and sis. washburn was so nice to accompany us. 
11. Got to go to Clarksville again (out of the mission-but we got permission) with the Sortos yesterday to visit the Morales. We caroled at their door :)
12. Jaime and Daniela told us that they finally have a marriage date! They are getting married February 21st :) I think and hope and pray I will still be here for that. It is at the end of next transfer so I think that I will be here because sis. stevens is going home this transfer. But I am so excited about it because then they will be able to get baptized. Sis. stevens had this crazy idea that they read the whole book of mormon by the end of the year. and they agreed :) they are the coolest people I have ever taught on my mission. I know they are going to be the strongest members and that a year from Feb. 21st they will go to the temple and you better bet that I will be back here to go to their sealing ;) 

Dont yall just love the Christmas spirit? I love it and being a missionary during Christmas time is so great! I am so grateful for all the members that are helping with the recent converts during this chrismas season and being so kind to us missionaries ;) 

Love yall! 

Hermana Goudie 

Playing Frolf with the Elders. 

TANK! I love this dog! :)

At the Christmas Party Talent show.

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