Monday, July 14, 2014

Half Way!!!!!

In the words of Elder Hernandez and with a spanish accent: "what the crap?" where did the last 9 months go. I am already half way? How can that be? sometimes it seems like I have been out here forever but then sometimes it seems like it hasnt been long at all. mission time is so warped. but I am half way done... crazy!

this week we went on exchanges with sister smith (my last comp) and richards (the new spanish sister training leaders). It was different though because they are serving in memphis and they dont have enough miles to take one of us back to their areas so they both stayed here in the area so sis. warner and I just had 2 different schedules. it was good though. I went with sister richards who just switched to spanish 3 weeks ago so her spanish isnt too great but pretty good. samantha and denys came out with us when we were on exchanges so we went on splits for a little while. so I went with denys, samantha went with sis. richards, and kerianne went with sis. warner and smith. so that was pretty cool! 

we were on bike week this week but because we have the most amazing members we didnt even have to bike that much at all. denys came out with us for a whole day once and then 2 more days after that and sis. leal. too. they are so awesome! pretty sure we have had a dinner appt. every night I have been here except for maybe 1 or 2 nights. they are so kind. i love this ward and branch! 

funny story. while we were on bike week this week it had just rained really hard while we were in melindas and when we went to leave it was kinda just sprinkling. we had an appointment to get to so we biked in it and it was fine but the gutters of the streets were all filled up like rivers. we were on the sidewalk on the busy street and this big huge long diesel drove by right next to me hitting the water in the gutter and sure enough splashed a whole wall of water on me that went all the way up to my head and it lasted for a good 4 seconds as the length of the truck drove by going pretty slow. it was hilarious. I was laughing my head off :) it looked like I had just jumped in a pool. it felt really nice though :) 

Arissandra is still planning on getting baptized on saturday so we will see if it pulls through. she didnt show up to church yesterday though :( we went over on exchanges and she was just worried to be baptized because she didnt have the support of her family. We shared a scripture (matt. 5:14-16) with her about how she can be the example to her family and she really felt the spirit and said she was still ready and excited to be baptized. 

Met this crazy flirt this last week with sis. warner. He just wanted to get our number... one of his quotes "I already know where I am going after this life. I am going to ghetto paradise!" gotta love the crazies you meet on the mission.

So my brakes on my bike have been acting up. the elders came and fixed them though. and they taped my basket on so it wont bounce anymore. that bike is getting beat up. 

Sister warner is amazing. I love her. We have so much fun but I have never worked so hard in my mission. When we text in each night to our DL we make up poems and they are pretty hilarious might I add. I just am having a great time but seeing miracles as we are working hard. 

Love yall! 
Hermana Goudie 

Enjoying some sandilla

Samantha Smith, Sis. Warner, and I in twinner shoes. Sister Warner and
I like to share clothes.

Con la Familia Sortas!

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