Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Esta Semana

Buenas tardes. como estan? this week was pretty great. slow. and interesting. and lots of amazing things happened. and dangerous. it all started with hielo (ice).

So... the south hermanas had to sleepover at our house two nights in a row because our hill up to our apartment had so much ice on it that cars couldnt get up or down. Sin embargo, it didnt stop people from trying... there were probably like 20 cars that tried to go up and down and got stuck and crashed into other cars and went off the hill and got stuck in the woods. It was crazy. Tuesday morning we went and watched the cars try to attempt this hill and it was hilarious. We tried to warn as many as possible not to do it but everyone has their agency... but by tuesday night the ice was eventually gone and the asl sister successfully got the south hermanas car down. 

We were able to go up to Hermana Hernandez's house this week and she made us the most delicious food. She always does. I love her and her family so much! She told me her story and it is crazy how much these people go through. I have so much respect for her. 

And... we got a gym membership. I dont know if I mentioned last week but I am getting fat as you might be able to tell in my pictures because my cheeks are huge so we go and work out at a gym down the street from our apartment in the mornings with the Elders. Hopefully that will help so I dont gain any more weight and hopefully am able to lose some of the chubbiness in my cheeks ;) 

We went to the Herreras this week and were able to talk to them about the temple and I just want them to get there someday SO bad! They are such a cool family. I love them so much and I dont know how to get it to their heads that they need to come to church! ;) They took us and the North Elders out to Cici's pizza though and it was very kind of them. But they didnt come to church :( We even asked them for a ride.... I shoudnt lose faith though. I know some day they will come around. They have come twice since I have been here because they gave us rides to church. I love seeing them there I just wish they would come more! 

This week we have been praying for Madelyn a lot for her to be able to talk to her parents about her baptism. We fasted for her and her mom agreed to have us and the Elders come over and be taught and have her questions answered. She was extremely nice and very open to what we were teaching. She gave her permission for Madelyn to be baptized and is going to come to the baptism!!!!!! Adivina que mas? Guess what else????? She came to church yesterday with madelyn! so cool :) Madelyn is getting baptized on Saturday and I am so excited for her :) She was able to be interviewed and she is so ready. Alejandro (her boyfriend) is going to baptize her. The Robles family is so cool and we could not have done this without their help. Having members involved helps SO much in this work. 

Next cool thing. Guess who finished the Book of Mormon in 2 and a half weeks? Yep. LUIS!!!!!!!!!! He is such a boss! And he didnt have a ride on Sunday to church so Alejandro Robles was willing to go pick him up for us and Luis came to church and also RECIEVED THE PRIESTHOOD!!!!!! he is so humble and kept telling us he didnt have the capacity to have the priesthood because he wasnt as smart as us (although he knows scripture stories WAY better than I do) but Pres. Barrientos talked to him and Sundayafter church he got the Priesthood! I am so happy for that guy. He is the coolest. Oh andon Sunday we also taught the Gospel Principles class about prayer and it went really well :) 

This week we are on bikes and it is supposed to be really nice weather so thats good :) I feel like we are always able to find people better when we are on bikes. We met some really cool hispanics last night and I am excited to keep teaching them. I love you all and we will talk to you next week. The gospel is true! 

P.S. I might have a lesson at Presidents house tonight depending on if Whitney and Cassuis call us back or not... :( they have been real busy with work this last week. Pray for them! 

Haha! This is a camaro that got stuck on our hill. And the license plays
says 'Eat Dust'... so funny!

We found this cute place on our way to teach Mario. A way cool investigator in Jacksonville!

My Package!!! Love you mom!!

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