Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She Has Arrived!!

Chantelle has arrived safely in Mexico and it seems her spirits are super high! It is so good to hear from her and know she is safe! Here is her first E-Mail from Mexico! 

I AM IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am alive. And safe. And loving it :) This keyboard is really weird so Im sorry if I type some weird things... How are you guys doing? Oh cool I can use this little button ¿ so my flights went well and on our second flight they gave us sandwiches and a brownie so I had like two lunches and I think I still get dinner. It wasnt that hard to carry around my luggage. 
There were only 7 hermanas on my second flight. There are only the three of us going to Arkansas though and the rest are going to Ecuador. The space key on this keyboard keeps squeeking and its really annoying... haha ;) I got my hermana badges though! and my companion is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have only talked to her for a few minutes but I know I am just going to love her already :) She plays violin and she brought her violin so thats fun and we can sing and do cool stuff like that. On both flights I sat next to Hermana Millington (the red head that I saw in the SLC airport) and she is awesome too! I love her :) Hermana Mitchell going to Arkansas is also so fun and really hyper! Shes so happy and excited to be here and she is just smiling and laughing non stop. Its great. 
I am SO exhausted and cant wait to go crash but Im so excited to be here!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving here was crazy. It wasnt quite as bad as the traffic and drivers in the Philippines but pretty darn close. Am I allowed to say darn? ;) It is raining here right now and it is kinda chilly. Not cold though. During the day I'm sure it will feel great :) So I have pictures maybe I can try and send you some. I will do that I think... So heres this email and I will try to send more.  
LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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