Thursday, October 17, 2013

I survived the first week in the Mexico MTC!

MI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLA!!!!!!!!!!!! Que tal. So the question mark doesnt work on this computer for some reason. So I will just use this + for a question mark I guess. AH!!! I only have like half an hour so this might be short but I will try to write as much as possible. And warning you now some Spanish words might be included on accidente... okay I put that one there on purpose ? OH! thats how you do the question mark. I was trying to figure out how to make a smiley face and the button I use for the winky part of the smiley face is randomly a ? haha. Anyways I have to hurry. So this week was AWESOME!!!!!! I love it here. I cant figure out the smiley face now either. But its weird. I feel like I have been here for like a month already. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. But Hermana Murri and I will be like remember the other day when... and it was like this morning. Haha its a weird feeling. But I am great and loving it here. So just some things mom that I forgot flip flops for the shower. Dont worry I bought some in la tienda today. The showers are kinda gross and sometimes the water is brown. But it usually goes away if you let it run for a few minutes. I also forgot my grey tank top to wear with one of my dresses. If you could send it to Arkansas that would be great. And my little red and white polka dotted earrings, my white half cardigan thingy. Its the one with one button in the front and the sleeves are kinda poofy, Savanna should know which one it is. But its only like the half jacket things. Does that make sense? And one more thing. My plain black shirt with the dark blue flower on the shoulder that I wear with one of my skirts. So if you could send that stuff to Arkansas that would be lovely. Except the flip flops. I got some. So Hermana Murri (my companion who is awesome!) and I workout hard core during gym. Shes a lot more athletic than me but she pushes me to work really hard and motivates me so thats great. We go running a lot. The other day I ran a mile in 12 and a half minutes. So I thought that was pretty cool considering that I havent run since like Jr. year when we had to for P.E. haha thats pretty pathetic. But it was fun. They have a track outside that we run on but its kinda hard because the track is like made up of little rocks. This place is HUGE by the way. And yesterday for our workout we did like a circuit workout kinda thing. We like jump roped for two minutes and then did another exercise for two minutes and went for 18 minutes total. It was lovely. Mi maestra (teacher) is the bestest ever. Her name is Hermana Coleman. Every morning when we have class she gives like the most inspired lessons and they are always what I need. She only speaks in Spanish to us. So thats fun. I usually am able to understand almost all of what she says though. My district is in the intermediate class so its a lot quicker paced than other classes. I feel like I might be at the lower end of the class in my spanish but esta bien! It is good! I am learning and its so fun. Being a missionary is just the best. In my district there are 8 of us which is like one of the smallest districts. Me and Hermana Murri are the only girls. We get kinda crazy some times and have gotten ourselves into trouble for being too loud sometimes. We just love eachother too much and have fun together. But we are learning to balance having fun and studying.
The food is okay. Its kinda hit and miss each meal pero I love the rice and beans! they always have rice and beans for lunch and thats usually what I eat. They also always have pb a j sammys if you dont like what they make and lots of fruit and cereal. So I am eating just great. I have also discovered a yummy ice cream sammy that I love here that I buy in the tienda quite frequently. I feel like I might be losing a little weight just becuase I havent been over stuffing myself like I usually do at home and I am working out hard everyday. Oh and also about working out. THEY HAVE PING PONG TABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ususally play con mi districto todos los dias. (with my district every day) There is only one Elder in my district that has beat me so far... But I love playing that here.
Life here is very busy. I dont have much time to think about home too much because I am just going from meetings to classes to language study to teaching to gym to service. Its crazy. But I love it! The weather here is perfect! Actually today is pretty hot. But the other days it is perfect. In the mornings its kinda chilly walking to class from mi casa but it warms up. My shoes are doing good. The black new ones that I bought gave me one blister but I just put a band aid on it and its fine. My shoes get really stinky here though... not sure why. I leave them by the window over night though and I think that helps. So in my house there are 8 of us which usually there are 16. So our house is pretty empty. The hermanas in my house are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I share a room with my companion and two other hermanas who are going to Washington. My companion is going to Ecuador. I sleep on the top bunk.
Oh and noonies. Tell Mike thanks for the hymn book. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I use it all the time and having like which number it is in English and Spanish is the best. People always ask me what number the songs are in the book and thanks to little big mike and can just look it up! So tell him thanks! One of the things my district did this week that was fun is we played a grateful game. We threw an apple around the room and when you caught it you had to say what you were grateful in Espanol. It was fun. By the end of it thought the apple was like getting mushy and leaking out and then it cracked in half. Oh the things us missionarys do to keep entertained...
Oh something weird about here is that there are firework and gunshots sounds going off all the time! Its so weird. I guess in this culture its just what people do for happy times or sad times is set off fireworks. The other night there were like 8 in a row and it reminded me of the Hunger Games when each night they set off a boom for how many people died. Im so sad Im going to miss seeing Catching Fire when it comes out!
It is really hard to wake up in the morning. I am always the last one out of bed and I usually dont even hear the alarms going off. But somehow I always seem to wake up and make it out the door in time. I am usually actually quicker than mi companero at getting ready in the mornings. Cool huh?
Elder Bagley is here! (Mitchell Bagley. you know that one?) He is in my zone so I actually see him all the time and his class is right next to mine. We have eating times and gym times and church together. Its pretty cool. I still want to get a picture with him sometime. One Elder in my district, Elder Kerby is hilarious! He reminds me of Jim Carey. Like exactly. Hes awesome and keeps us all laughing!
Mom about the blog whatever you think is cute will be great. Thats so sad Dad was sick. I never did end up getting the flu (knock on wood) so I was pretty happy about that. Dad the boat looks SO nice! I am so jealous! I cant wait to see it and go to Lake Powell when I get back yeah? I didnt have to rush to get to the gate in Georgia but right when I got there we had to board. I didnt get my pillow out and I slept for a little bit on each plane. 
I only have a few minutes but one of the things that is really hard for me here is teaching. We have a fake investigator Chris and we have to teach him in Spanish and its really hard! But I know I will be able to do it soon. I usually just use notes right now because I dont have the Spanish vocab down yet but hopefully one day I will be able to just say what I want to without having to read it. The language is really hard but it is coming. I understand a lot and can write a lot but speaking it is hard for me.
Love, Hermana Goudie
P.S. thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My closet. Beauty Huh? 

My bed. I. Hate. Making. My. Bed. We have to every day and I hate it. Haha I dont make it very well. Probably because I am so tired in the morning... Oh well.

So this is a typical mealish. With rice and beans!

Mi casa.

These are circles where if there is an earthquake you have to run to and stay in the circle until it is safe. They are everywhere here! I am deathly afraid of earthquakes so hopefully there wont be one while I am here... I guess the first week the CCM opened there were 4 earthquakes. Crazy huh?

  Me doing laundry. Weird right?

My district at the temple!

Me and Hermana Murri in front of the sign at el templo
Me in front of the sign at the CCM

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